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  • Hot Work Permit for Walkers Staff

  • The following work if carried out in, or so it may affect a building is subject to authorisation from the manager or delegate currently in charge of the building or department which the work affects.

    Oxy-propane cutting or any type of grinding. Welding operations of all kinds. Brazing/soldering. Propane or butane gas torches. Bitumen boilers. Any other heat, spark or flame emitting process or where there is risk of fire or explosion.

  • Location of work.

  • Brief description of work.

  • This permit is issued on the condition that the following is adhered to:

    The locations has been examined and either there are no combustibles or all combustible materials have been removed or protected from heat, flame and sparks or have been thoroughly damped down.
    Operatives have been made aware of the nearest fire call point and telephone, fire fighting equipment is close to hand.
    Where the work is to be carried out on any bulkhead or partition, a thorough examination will be made of the reverse side from time to time during the work.
    The area will be checked 30 minutes after the work has ceased.

  • Describe any additional conditions as appropriate.

  • Person to whom the permit is to be issued.

  • Signature.

  • Name of permit issuer.

  • Date and time permit is authorised.

  • Signature.

  • Date and time permit is withdrawn.

  • Signature.

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