• Security on duty well trained

  • Employees well groomed and hygienic

  • Employees wear appropriate uniform

  • REFERENCE: Employees wear appropriate uniform
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    appropriate uniforms.jpg
  • Employees wear name tags

  • Employees well-trained on emergency procedures

  • Employees well-trained in process, rules, and regulations


  • In and out gate and main porch clean

  • Hotel entrance neat and clean

  • Signages are clean

  • Building lights working and in place

  • Lobby entrance clean

  • CCTV camera clear and in good working condition


  • Cars parked properly

  • No trash around

  • All trash bin clean and in place

  • Garbage segregated and collected


  • Staffs entrance clean

  • Clean restrooms

  • Adequate lockers

  • Biometrics or employee time logs function well


  • Clean passage or hallways

  • Hotel ambiance pleasant

  • Fire exit passage to the back of the house unobstructed

  • Service lift or baggage lift clean and in good working condition


  • Clean glass doors and windows

  • Clean planters

  • Public toilets clean and sanitized

  • Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in place

  • Reception counter clean and clutter free

  • Proper signage clear and visible


  • Entrance clean and unobstructed

  • Glass doors and windows smudge free

  • Floors, hallways, ceilings clean and damage free

  • Chairs and tables all set

  • Clean utensils

  • Public toilets clean and sanitized

  • Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in place

  • Food tags in place

  • Food replenishment done at regular interval


  • Kitchen facilities clean

  • Staff well groomed, hygienic and in proper uniform


  • Glassdoor to pool smudge free and clean

  • Swimming pools has clean water

  • Pool deck clean

  • Towels are available

  • Public toilets clean and sanitized

  • Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in place

  • Public showers clean and sanitized

  • Public showers' toiletries available


  • Appealing ambiance

  • Rooms have a relaxing scent

  • Clean facilities


  • Clean floor

  • Smudge-free mirror and glass


  • Doors working properly

  • Light switches works

  • Window glass clean and damage free

  • Drapes straight and working properly

  • Controls for air conditioning/heat work properly

  • Air conditioning filter clean

  • Lampshades clean and straight

  • Beds correctly made

  • Fluffed/even pillows

  • Bedspreads straight

  • Mattress firm

  • Bedspread free of rips and stains

  • Upholstery clean and in good condition

  • Furniture free from scratches or stains

  • Walls clean and free of cobwebs

  • Walls free from scratches and nicks

  • Luggage racks in good condition

  • Pictures and Mirrors straight

  • Telephone working

  • Clean ashtrays

  • Furniture draws slide out easily


  • Handled an issue / complaint very well

  • Please explain further

  • Resolved issue with a positive outcome

  • Please explain further


  • Overall Rating

  • Recommendations and other comments


  • Inspector's Full Name and Signature

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