General Maintenance

Deep cleaning
• High dusting, lights, window areas, walls, floor, carpet, doors, and surfaces
• Bed, mattress, beddings, linens, curtains, furniture, baseboards, furnishings, and equipment
• Shower, faucet, glass walls, mirror, lavatory, and toilet

Carpet cleaning
• Removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens

• Clean and paint ceiling and walls

Grouting and caulking
• Make sure there's no evidence of soap scum before caulking and sealing

Power washing
• Wet sandblasting, soda blasting, cleaning copper trim, and spider webs
• Swimming pool

Plumbing and electrical wiring
• Repairs and maintenance

• Check adequate stocks and its used by dates
• Update inventory records for incoming stocks and purchased items

Fire protection systems
• Fire alarms, fire extinguisher, sprinklers, standpipes, and smoke detectors

Emergency system
• Power generators, emergency lights, emergency exit signs, evacuation plans, and first aid kits

• Maintenance and repair of CCTV camera
• Backup and free up space for new recordings


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