Guest Room Inspection


1. Follow this Hotel Room Inspection SOP by answering ✔ or X.
2. If the answer is X, take action to fix/replace/supply what is needed if able then answer ✔.
3. If unable to fix/replace/supply what is needed, use the 'action' feature to contact the responsible department/person.

Guest Room

Upon entering the guest room, check if:

Doors are working properly

Light switches are working

Windows open and close properly

Windows are free of cracks

Window glass is clean

Drapes are straight and working properly

Controls for air conditioning/heat work properly

Air conditioning filter clean is clean

Lamps are working

Wall lights are working

Lamp shades are clean and straight

Beds are correctly made

Pillows are fluffed and even

Bedspreads are straight

Mattresses are firm

Bedspreads are free of rips and stains

Upholstery is clean and in good condition

Furniture free from scratches or stains?

Walls are clean and free of cobwebs

Walls are free from scratches and nicks

Luggage racks are in good condition

Pictures and mirrors are straight

The telephone is working

Ashtrays are clean

Drawers slide out easily

Minimum of 6 hangers available? (3 suit 3 dress)

Drapes are partially closed


After checking the guest room, enter the bathroom and check if:

Toilet seat is clean on both sides

Shower rod is working and in good condition

Toilet flushes correctly

Bathroom is free of unpleasant odours

Shower curtain is clean

Pop up stopper is clean

Tiles are free of water spots

Shower and/or tub is free of grout

Fresh supply of towels available

No visible dirt, dust etc on the floor?

Guest Room Amenities


1. Check if the following items are available and supply them if they are not.
2. If unable to supply missing items, contact responsible department/person using the 'action' feature.

Marketing material

Guest directory

Report card on experience

Tourist brochures

Hotel food and drink menu


1 ice bucket & poly liner

1 waste basket

1 memo pad with hotel pen

3 glasses


1 frosted oval display tray

2 bars of soap (1.25 oz)

1 bottle of shampoo 22ml

3 bath towels

3 face cloths

1 bath mat

1 Hairdryer

2 toilet rolls


1 coffee maker

1 filter pack coffee

1 filter pack decaffeinated

1 tea bag

1 condiment package

1 iron

1 ironing board

1 fridge

2 porcelain coffee cups

Guest Room Settings


Before leaving the guest room, make sure that:

Lights are off

Heating is set at 18 degrees or 7OF

Windows are closed

Television is off with remotes out


Before leaving the bathroom, make sure that:

Sinks are off

Drain plugs are open

Shower curtain is centered

Shower head is pointing towards the wall

Toilet lid is down

Bathroom door is open

Lights are off

Signature of housekeeper/cleaner
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.