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  • Housekeeper/Inspected by

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  • Location

Guest Room Inspection

Guest Room

  • Doors working properly

  • Doors open easily and quietly

  • Light switches work correctly

  • Windows open and close properly

  • Window free of cracks

  • Window glass clean

  • Drapes straight and working properly

  • Controls for air conditioning/heat work properly

  • Air conditioning filter clean

  • Lamps work

  • Wall lights work

  • Lamp shades clean and straight

  • Wall lights work

  • Beds correctly made

  • Fluffed/even pillows

  • Bedspreads straight

  • Mattress firm

  • Bedspread free of rips and stains

  • Upholstery clean and in good condition

  • Furniture free from scratches or stains

  • Walls clean and free of cobwebs

  • Walls free from scratches and nicks

  • Luggage racks in good condition

  • Pictures and Mirrors straight

  • Telephone working

  • Clean ashtrays

  • Furniture draws slide out easily

  • Light bulbs with correct wattage

  • Minimum of 6 hangers (3 suit, 3 dress)

  • Drapes partially closed


  • Clean toilet seat (both sides)

  • Underside of lavatory clean

  • Shower rod in good condition

  • Toilet flushes correctly

  • Bathroom free of odours

  • Shower curtain clean

  • Pop up stopper clean

  • Free of water spots on tiles

  • Shower or tub free of grout

  • Fresh supply of towels

  • Floor mopped

Guest Room Amenities

Marketing material

  • Guest directory

  • Report card on experience

  • Tourist brochures

  • Hotel food and drink menu

Night table/desk

  • 1 bible

  • 1 pocket folder with 3 envelopes

  • 1 am/fm clock


  • 3 hangers + 3 hangers with skirt clips


  • 1 ice bucket & poly liner

  • 1 waste basket

  • 3 ashtrays in guest room

  • 1 memo pad with hotel pen

  • 3 glasses

  • 1 telephone book


  • 1 frosted oval display tray

  • 2 bars of soap (1.25 oz)

  • 1 bottle of shampoo 22ml

  • 3 bath towels

  • 3 face cloths

  • 1 bath mat

  • Hairdryer

  • 2 toilet rolls


  • 1 coffee maker

  • 1 filter pack coffee

  • 1 filter pack decaffeinated

  • 1 tea bag

  • 1 condiment package

  • 1 iron

  • 1 ironing board

  • 1 fridge

  • 2 porcelain coffee cups

Guest Room Settings


  • Lights off

  • Heating set at 18 degrees or 70F

  • Windows closed

  • Television off with remotes out


  • Sinks off

  • Drain plugs open

  • Shower curtain centres

  • Shower head pointing towards wall

  • Toilet lid down

  • Bathroom door open

  • Light off


  • Does the room require any maintenance or repairs

  • If repairs are required, please include a photo of the broken items.

  • Has anything in the room been damaged?

  • If anything is damaged, please include a photo of the damages.

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