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  • Hotel/ Lodging Establishment Name:

  • Address:
  • Observance Date:

  • Prepared By:

  • Room(s) Inspected:

Tidiness of Room(s)

  • Rooms clean,orderly and damage free

  • Flooring/ Carpets clean and free From damages

  • Toilets clean and functional

  • Any unusual smells

  • Food sealed and stored appropriately

  • Room free of contraband (Alcoholic beverage,weapons,etc.)

  • Room(s) free from pest(Rodents,Insects,etc.)

  • Overall cleanliness of the room(s) being inspected during this observation.

Property assessment / General EHS

  • Adequate parking available

  • Adequate outside lighting

  • Condition of handrails

  • Emergency numbers,escape map visible

  • Emergency signs clearly visible

  • Escape routes identified , free of obstruction and easily accessible

  • Fire extinguishers in place ,inspected and unobstructed

  • Smoke detector regularly checked by the hotel staff or provider

  • Manual fire alarm pull station in place

  • Security cameras in place and working

  • Adequate security locking system in room

  • Tripping hazards(cables) controlled inside and outside

  • Designated smoking areas available

  • Non-smoking areas available

Other EHS issues - Feel free to comment food quality,welcome,eat.

  • Remember when arriving: 1. Read the hotels Fire Emergency Instructions 2.Locate the emergency exits(s) a. Memorize route to escape staircase:you may have to find in the dark/smoke b. Count the number of doors along your corridor between your room and the escape stairway 3.Locate the fire alarm and extinguisher 4. Look for obvious fire hazards 5.Always keep your room key with you when you are not in your room:you may have to retreat there if there is too much smoke or heat 6.Smoke is your biggest enemy,long before heat and flames become dangerous.Use hotel smoke hood if available a. Do not inhale b. Nose on the floor c. Wet towel 7. Last refuge is the bathroom.Fill the tub ,get the shower going,soak all towels 8. Never use the elevator in the event of a fire 9. You need to escape through very hot areas,first soak your clothes in the shower and bring wet towels

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