5th floor bathroom

4th floor Kitchen

4th: Barclay fire exit

4th: Next to 412

4th: Outside 428

4th: Peachy fire exit

4th: Peachy kitchen

3rd: Peachy Fire exit

3rd: Peachy Kitchen

3rd: Outside 320

3rd floor kitchen

3rd: Fire door

2nd floor kitchen

2nd: fire exit (211)

2nd: outside 226

2nd: Peachy fire exit

2nd: Peachy kitchen

1st: Peachy fire exit

1st: Peachy fire exit

1st: Staff kitchen

1st: Resident kitchen

1st floor kitchen

1st: Fire exit

Gym reception

Gym: DM office

Performance room fire exit

-1 Basement: studio fire exit

-2 Basement: Boilers

Outside: Bin yard

Outside: Peachy fire exit

Outside: Gym fire exit (age concern)

Shift manager
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