1.0 - Previous Audit

Is the previous audit visible in the offices?

Has the last audit been reviewed?

Is the audit being used by the club management team?

Are there any outstanding actions?

2.0 - Entrance & Reception

Is the entrance clear of litter?

Is the external signage clean and working

Is the reception area clean and tidy?

Are the team in uniform with a name badge

Are the team engaging with members with a smile ?

Is the POS material in date and within Brand?

Are the access barriers operational?

Is the reception area manned at the appropriate levels?

Did the receptionist use the members name?

Are the reception team aware of the current retail offers?

Can the receptionist desribe the features and benefits of the main retail promotional items?

Did the receptionist hand out the correct amount of towels to the member ?

3.0 Back offices

Are the storage areas and lost property neat and tidy?

All areas neat and tidy?

Sales boards are up to date and fully completed?

All POS is in date and there is evidence that it is being used?

All lights working?

4.0 - Main areas and Cafe bar

Retail area looks neat and tidy ?

All retail stock is correctly priced?

The main areas look clean and clear of litter?

All POS and literature is within brand and available incl Studio timetables

The cafe bar is manned and in uniform?

Food and drink stock is neat and tidy and available?

All lights are working?

Furniture in good condition?

5.0 - Changing rooms

All lights are working?

Clear of rubbish and towels ?

All walls clear of bag marks and scrapes?

All lockers are clean and closed when not in use?

All lockers are working?

All lockers have at least one hanger?

All mirrors and basins are clean and free of smears?

All sunbeds in working order with all bulbs in good order?

Paper tissue and cleaner available?

All sunbeds rooms and beds clean and tidy?

All sunbed room lights are working?

All hand lotion dispensers are in working order and are not empty?

Health and Safety guidelines displayed neatly?

6.0 - Showers and vanity

All lights are working?

All shower tiles are clean and free of body fat?

All shower fixings in good working order?

All dispensers working and product available?

All hairdryers and hand dryers working and clean?

All extractor vents are clean of dust?

7.0 - Wet areas

All areas clean and tidy?

Sauna and steam room lights and heat at the correct levels?

Relax rooms are clean with correct lighting?

Spa areas are clean and tidy without excess water ?

Spa at correct temperatures and in working order?

Swimming pool accessories stored neatly?

Swimming pools water is clear and at the correct levels and temperature?

All lighting is working?

Noise levels controlled?

Water machines are clean and in working order?

All POS is within Brand and current?

All walls are free of marks and chips?

Is the pool testing being recorded daily and within H&S parameters?

8.0 - Gym

Is the lighting and air conditioning working?

Music at the correct volume and tempo?

All machines clean and in working order?

Machines that are out of order clearly have a sign with date of repair?

All pads are clean and without rips?

All floors are clean?

All POS is within Brand and current?

A member of the gym team is on the floor with members interacting?

All team are in uniform with name badge?

9.0 - Studios

All floors are clean and free of dust or dirt?

All walls are clear of marks or chips?

Studio timetables are up to date and available?

The lighting and air conditioning is in full working order?

Mirrors are clean and free of smears?

All accessories are in good condition and stored neatly?

Is the spin studio lighting working?

Music system in good working order?

Spin bikes are clean and in good working order?

Foot straps are not frayed?

Are the class occupancies measured and up to date?

Out of order bikes have been removed?

10.0 - General

Are the cleaning checklists complete and in line with frequency standards?

Are the opening and closing checklist completed and signed by the MOD?

Sales team are aware of the current promotions?

Marketing plan is being used effectively?

Gym team have active call lists for PT clients?

Retention Managers have active leaver call lists?

Is the NPS tablet in a prominent position and within brand standards?

Evidence of Credo days planned

Daily huddles are live and in line with company standards

Is the 'Team News' board up to date and relevant?

11.0 - Beauty / Spa / Physio

Is the operation clear of litter and looks tidy?

Is the POS in line with HP brand standards?

Is the lighting and air conditioning working?

12.0 - Creche

Is the operation clear of litter and looks tidy?

Is the POS in line with HP brand standards?

Is the lighting and air conditioning working?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.