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Access & Egress

Are all walkways free from obstruction have sufficient lighting and in good condition for all who intend to visit the premise

Are all doors in good condition

What requires to be undertaken to repair ?

Do all escape doors have sufficient signage and have push escape bars or attachments ?

Are all escape doors easy to open and have no bolts or locks installed

Escape doors must be easy to open and have no locks or bolts, if a locking system is fitted for security it must be disengaged when the building is occupied

Do all escape doors have sufficient emergency lighting


Does the premise have an asbestos survey

If the building is a new building post 2000 it may not require much of a plan, contact the builder and get confirmation that no asbestos was used in the construction process

Has all known asbestos been identified

Is there an asbestos management plan

If asbestos has been identified is it inspected periodically


Do you have running water to the building ?

Are all storage tanks inspected and cleaned annually or as identified in the assessment

If showers are available are they flushed prior to use or weekly and disinfected regularly

Has a water test been undertaken (legionella L8) risk assessment been undertaken?

Advice is available from scout base or

Are all water outlets monitored for temperature


Has the building got a fire risk assessment

Guidance can be found from scout base fact sheet FS320007 Managing Fire Safety

Is there an evacuation plan for the building and is it displayed

Have you undertaken an evacuation in the last six months and was it documented

Are sufficient fire extinguishers provided and inspected ?

Equipment must be inspected by competent person every twelve months

Does the building have a fire alarm or a method of raising the alarm in case of fire

Is the fire alarm sounded weekly or prior to use and is this documented in a fire log book

Is the fire alarm inspected by a competent person annually

If smoke or heat detection is installed has been tested


Has the building had a 5 yearly fixed electrical inspection

Has all remedial actions been completed following the inspection

Has all portable electrical equipment been tested to ensure it is safe to use

Is emergency lighting turned on every month to ensure it operates and the test documented

Is emergency lighting tested for 30 min duration every quarter

Is all emergency lighting discharge tested annually to ensure the light operates for the required time


Do you have gas heating ?

Is all other gas heating inspected and certificated annually

Is the gas boiler inspected by competent person annually

Is all gas catering equipment subjected it periodic inspection by competent person

Is portable gas equipment examined

Is all gas bottles stored correctly


Is all building fabric maintained in good condition

Is all glazing in areas at risk safety glass or protected

Does the building have sufficient first aid equipment

Are all floor coverings and surfaces in good condition

Are all walkways and general areas free from obstruction

Is all fixings and fittings free from defect

Are all areas associated with the building free form hazards

Are there any other concerns associated with this building

Are all chairs and tables in good condition?

Are all chairs and table securely stored when not in use ?

Activity Equipment

Do you have activity equipment for climbing and water ?

Is the equipment checked by the relevant body and certification issued for safe use ?

Is all activity equipment kept in good order?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.