Section 1


  • Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • Are there any outstanding actions from previous inspection?


  • Do staff know where to find the H&S Policy & relevant Procedures?

  • Is a current H&S Law Poster displayed centrally with correct details reflected?

  • Is the H&S notice board up to date/correct?


  • Are evacuation procedures displayed & understood by all?

  • Are extinguishers in place, signage displayed & clearly marked for the type of fire?

  • Are fire extinguishers clear from obstructions?

  • Can the fire alarm easily be heard by all?

  • Is adequate fire evacuation signage displayed?

  • Are exits kept clear?


  • Is sufficient storage available?

  • Are appropriate storage techniques utilised?

Section 2


  • Is portable appliance testing in place & in date?

  • Are plugs, sockets & switches in good working order?

  • Are extension leads in use?

  • Are facilities such as toasters, kettles, fridges or other electrical equipment in use?

  • Are these located away from fire detectors?


  • Are adequate handwashing facilities provided?

  • Are adequate toilet facilities provided?

  • Is drinking water available to staff?


  • Are recognised first aiders available & known?

  • Are first aid boxes available?

  • Are contents regularly checked & replenished?

  • Are first aiders aware how to obtain first aid supplies?

  • Is appropriate signage displayed to confirm Recognised First Aider details?

  • Are all staff aware of how to report accidents or incidents?

Section 3


  • Approximately how many staff work in the area?

  • Have DSE assessments been completed by users with records retained?

  • Are appropriate chairs available & in good condition?

  • Are desks in good condition?

  • Has training on safe use of DSE been provided to all staff?

  • Have mouse mats been provided to all staff?

  • Are staff aware of the Specsavers eye care voucher scheme & how to obtain a voucher?

  • Are there any concerns (in relation to safe use of DSE) seen at time of this inspection that need addressing?


  • Are any general risk assessments indicating significant risk in the workplace required?


  • Do staff know where to find the Sustainability Policy & relevant Procedures?

  • Are staff aware who to contact for any excessive waste disposal over and above normal?

  • Where large numbers of staff are in the same area, are individual under desk bins provided?

  • Is the opportunity available to remove individual bins for a centralised system?

  • Are bins regularly emptied?

  • Are recycling bins available for staff to use?

  • Does the department turn off lights, computers & others electricals overnight & over weekends?

  • Is waste reduction, re-use & recycling considered before disposal of any excess above normal?

  • Are DECs available & publicly displayed in the main area of the building?


  • HS&S Technician completing this assessment

  • Have any serious defects been identified and entered onto the database?

  • Is there a need to inform Senior Dept Management of these defects?

  • Additional Comments:-

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