• AkerSolutions SubSea North America

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Control of work (proper planning and execution of work properly supervised)

  • Risk Assessment (JSA in place, signed by all, followed)

  • Lifting operations / Techniques (use of cranes, forklift, pallet jack)

  • Energy isolation (lockout tag-out of faulty equipment, isolation of hazardous chemicals, unsafe work area. Faulty electrical equipment)

  • Confined space entry (permit in place, access/egress clear)

  • Excavation operation (trenching using the right tools)

  • Mobile equipment operation (forklift, cranes)


  • Slip/trip/fall (tools and equipment on workshop floor)

  • Use of PPE (use of gloves, steel toe shoes, hard hats, etc.)

  • Material handling (forklift, ladders, pallet jacks, conveyor)

  • Use of tools and equipment (cranes, machines, etc.)

  • Welding operation (use of glove and right face shield, co-workers protected)

  • Grinding operation (machine safety guard, gloves, face shield as needed)

  • Pressure testing operation(use air pressure / hydraulic system)

  • Housekeeping (clean work area of rags, tools, spills)

  • Falling objects (tools / equipment)


  • Health issue (spills of liquid that maybe harmful to workers, pollution, poor housekeeping)

  • Ergonomics (awkward work positions, workspace positioning, repetitive stress)

  • Noise (loud sound that may impaled ones hearing)

  • Vibration issues (no gloves, loose parts)

  • Work Environment (impact of hazardous chemical, spill, improper storage of tools)

  • Chemical impact / use of chemical


  • Waste disposal (properly segregated, in proper containers, emptied regularly)

  • Energy usage (water waste, faucets leaking)

  • Outside storage (chemical stored properly)

  • Chemical containers (good condition, not left open, properly secured, not leaking)

  • Ground or soil (evidence of spill or contamination)

Comments, findings, or observations

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  • Management representative present during inspection

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