Task name

Task description (detailed)


Load weight

Frequency of lift

Carry distances (if applicable)

Personnel involved

Lifting and Carrying

Do the tasks involve:

holding loads away from torso?



reaching upwards?

large vertical movement?

long carrying distances?

strenuous pushing or pulling?

unpredictable movement of loads?

repetitive handling?

insufficient rest or recovery?

a work rate imposed by a process?

Are the loads:


bulky or unwieldy?

difficult to grasp?

unstable or unpredictable?

intrinsically harmful (eg sharp/hot)?

Consider the working environment
Are there:

constraints on posture?

poor floors?

variations in levels?

hot/cold/humid conditions?

strong air movements?

poor lighting conditions?

Consider individual capability
Does the job:

require unusual capability?

pose a risk to those with a health problem or a physical or learning difficulty?

pose a risk to those who are pregnant?

pose a risk to new workers/young people?

require special information/training?

Regarding protective clothing

Is movement or posture hindered by clothing or personal protective equipment?

Is there an absence of the correct/suitable PPE being worn?

Work organisation (psychosocial factors)

Do workers feel that there has been a lack of consideration given to the planning and scheduling of tasks/rest breaks?

Do workers feel that there is poor communication between managers and employees (eg not involved in risk assessments or decisions on changes in workstation design)?

Are there sudden changes in workload, or seasonal changes in volume without mechanisms for dealing with the change?

Do workers feel they have not been given enough training and information to carry out the task successfully?

Remedial Actions

List the remedial steps that should be taken, in order of priority
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Enter remedial step or action

Person responsible for implementing controls

Target implementation date
Date by which all actions should be completed
Date for review of assessment
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