Risk Assessment - Auditor

Have you completed a Pre-start check or site induction with the subcontractor you are auditing?

Please conduct a Pre-start meeting with the contractor you are auditing


Residual Risk Level

Auditors Signature

Have you explained the Risk Assessment (JSA) process and how it must be completed on site before work commences?

Have you explained all separation of services?
Minimum height ODU 2.4m.
Minimum distance ODU to poly-carbonate roofing 2m.
Minimum electrical separation 3m.
Minimum separation to all other services 1m.

Explain the legislative requirement that all persons onsite must be accredited and carry all necessary PPE to complete the job safely while working in accordance with the SWMS?

Subcontractor Responsibilities (PCBU)

All persons conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace (PCBU) have a primary duty of care to ensure so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers engaged by the person, and all other persons are not put at risk from work carried out by the PCBU.
Division 2 - s (19) WHS Act 2011
Division 2 - s (40) WHS Reg 2011 list the duty of the PCBU in relation to general workplace facilities

Confirm you have made the subcontractor aware of the following WHS responsibilities of a PCBU.
Provide access to first aid (First Aid Kit)
Provide access to water (Fresh drinking water)
provide access to hygiene services (Toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer)
Provide access to food
Provide access to communications (Mobile Phone)
Provide access to an emergency management plan (Emergency Evacuation Plan)

Confirm you have made the subcontractor aware of the Emergency Australia App - this should be part of their emergency evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

Emergency Australia App - National Triple Zero Awareness Work Group

Work orders/Journey/Contractor Portal

Have you explained Tech Support and when to contact them 1300 732 626?

Has you explained EPS (E//) and when to contact them 1800453966

Have you demonstrated Journey to the new subcontractor?

Have you explained how to use manual work orders, deed of releases and who to send them to? (Tech Suport)

Have you explained the different closure codes and how to close a job as WND?

Have you explained how to submit and close a WO as NSI?

Have you explained the requirement to log into the contractor portal and check your availability and routed work daily?

Have you explained the emergency contact procedure to the sub-contractor and the requirement to carry their mobile phone at all times and show their ID card and enable card on request.

Show the sub-contractor how to login to the Contractor Portal and access Manual Work Orders, Consent Forms and Deed of Release forms (Mandatory)
All are available in the download section of the contractor portal.

The Sub-Contractor MUST have access to the contractor portal and that they should carry & have an adequate number of manual paperwork to complete an installation if Journey is unavailable, please advise the Sub-contractor to download these forms from the Contractor Portal.

HTS compliance
Does the Sub-contractor have the following licenses? Drivers license, White card (or state equivalent), Enable Card, Working at heights license, Inspection Log Book, Inspection Certificate? QT must sight all licenses, log books and certificates - (Mandatory)
Please take photo of all Licenses
Is the Sub-contractor wearing Safety Footwear that meets AS/NZS 2210? Is the Sub-Contractor wearing Hi-visibility clothing that meets AS4602 class D or D/N?
Please take a photo of Safety Footwear - AS/NZS 2210 and Hi Vis Clothing - AS4602
Does the Sub-contractor have an Hills ID badge with risk calculator - (Mandatory)
Please take photo of ID Badge

Please email recruitment and advise replacement ID card required -

Is the Sub-contractor carrying a signed copy of all the latest version of the HTS SWMS and relevant MSDS (Mandatory)

Photo of signed SWMS rear page (Latest version)

Sub-contractor must carry a copy of the relevant SWMS and MSDS and provide on request, please advise the Sub-contractor to download these documents from the Contractor Portal.

Does the Sub-contractor have an off-sider or another contractor working with them on this site?

Is the 2nd person authorised to be onsite?
Has a risk assessment has been carried out for the 2nd person and logged in Journey?
Do they have an Enable Card and are they known to HTS - QT to ask and check

QA fail this inspection, ask the non authorised person to leave site and notify HCS of this breach

Sub-contractor Vehicle
How are the ladders secured to the subcontractors vehicle?
How are the sub-contractor tools and equipment secured inside the vehicle?

Is the sub-contractors vehicle in good working condition?

Is an optional Fire Extinguisher carried in the subcontractors vehicle compliant?

Photo of Fire Extinguisher and compliance tag - Compliance tag must be legible

It is a mandatory WHS policy that if a Fire Extinguisher is in your vehicle, it must be compliant with Australian Standard AS 2444-2001

Does the new sub-contractor have a First Aid Kit and First Aid stickers displayed on their vehicle?
First Aid kit must comply with First Aid in the work place Code of practice 2018.
First Aid Kit must be easily accessible and contain the minimum quantities.

Photo of First Aid Kit opened showing contents
Photo of First Aid Sticker displayed on vehicle

This is a critical WHS fail. Please advise contractor they are not compliant and they will need to purchase or update their first aid kit ASAP to meet code of practice 2018.

Ladder Safety - Demonstrate and explain
Have you explained the following Ladder safety requirements?

Ladder must be inspected prior to each use and in good condition - What is the condition of the subcontractors Ladders?

Show the subcontractor a Journey example Photo of Ladder secured to acceptable Anchor Point showing 1000mm, 4/1 ratio, Exclusion zone (All mandatory photo requirements)
Height Safety - Demonstrate and explain

Height safety and the requirement to be secured at height always?

How to use a rated anchor point (15kn) and how to secure correctly?

How to use a safety line ensuring the minimum amount of line is played out so that there is no chance of a fall?

While the Sub-contractor is working on the roof, they must be attached to an anchor at all times?

Tools & materials must be secured at all times while subcontractor is on the roof?

Harness must be inspected prior to each use and in good condition - What is the condition of the subcontractors harness?

Show the subcontractor a Journey example Photo of Harness Anchor point, Safety Rope or Anchor Strap (All mandatory photo requirements)
Electrical Safety - Demonstrate and explain

LOTO - Lock out and Tag Out power-box correctly when the contractor is completing the following?
Accessing a roof cavity.
Pulling cables through a cavity.
Drilling / penetrating through ceiling, roof or walls.

If the house has an Aerial lead-in cable?
Subcontractor must ensure a minimum 3m clearance of any installed equipment away from the lead-in cable and identified the possible route of the cable to the switchboard?

If 240 volt AC power tools are used they must be tagged?

ODU and APL Mount Installed - Demonstrate and explain
All mounts used must be on the APL, all mount types?
All compliant aspects of the Mount

Requirement that the ODU has a clear LOS over the roof even though the RSRP reading is a pass?

Difference between a mount fitted to a KlipLok or TrimDek roof and that the mount must not be installed in the water channel?

Show the subcontractor a Journey example Photo of ODU and Mount (All mandatory photo requirements)
Cable run and IDU - Demonstrate and explain

Cable must be mechanically protected if more than 100mm of exposed cable is not secured to the mount?

Cable penetration must always be sealed with a liberal amount of sicilone?

If Conduit or Flexi Conduit is used the correct amount of saddles?

Cables must be neat and tidy? ( patch lead & power lead )

All separation of services have been explained?

Show the subcontractor a Journey example Photo of IDU and Cable/Conduit (All mandatory photo requirements)
Artifact / Photos - Demonstrate and explain

Explain to the sub contractors that all artifact photos must be submitting in Journey as requested for payment?

Explain that failure to supply all artifacts will result in non payment of a work order until they are submitted?

Explain the need to get a customer signature - No signature = No payment.

Explain the need to use a DOR if the customer leaves site and someone else is signing on their behalf.


Have you explained the faulty stock E-Waste and returns process?

Have you explained the in field stock transfer process?

Have you explained the mandatory monthly stock take?

Customer satisfaction

All works must be explained to the customer and consent given prior to starting any work?

Explain Subcontractor must clean up before leaving?

Explain customer must be over 18 to sign Journey (Consent and approval)

Explain customer must remain on site for the duration of the site visit

Audit Results

Is the new Subcontractor compliant and ready to start or do they need additional training?

Is any retraining required?

List retraining issues

List your comments below regarding contractors overall installation

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.