Basic Safety

  • 1. Basic Safety - SAFE WALK WAYS? Are the pedestrain walk ways clear from obstructions, is there any danger from vehicles ? Where vehicles and pedestrians cross; is this observed to be safe?

  • 2. Basic Safety - EMERGENCY SYSTEMS? Has the plant visual standards and instructions to follow in case of emergency evacuation and directions? Are there any blockages to emergency walk ways, fire exits and emergency fire fighting equipment? Check, if the emergency routes have clear access internal and external.

  • 3 - Basic Safety - FIRST AID SYSTEMS? Has the area first-aid equipment available day and night for treatment of incidents, has the first aid unit contents been listed along with list of emergency contact list, first aiders names , departments. Check for first aid information.

  • 4 - Basic Safety - HAZARDS AND CONGESTION ? Is the material storage and internal logistics movement organised to prevent hazards and congestion?

  • 5 - Basic Safety - EQUPMENT GUARDING? Is the hazardous parts of Machines / Equipment / Safety guards under control? Is the safety device check system ok. (Once a shift/ day / once a month/ regular guarding /emergency stops/ interlocks/light guards / electrical units)

  • 6 - Basic Safety - SAFE WORKING INSTRUCTIONS ? Has the plant installed Safe Working Instructions(SOP) at the machine areas? Has hazards within the plant safety signage, displayed around the machines with instructions in the local language.

  • 7 - Basic Safety - MECHANICAL PROCESS SAFETY ? During mechanical / engineering work is the Lock Out / Tag out system used correctly with safety barriers? Has any mechanical / engineering work created hazard, blockages, congestion or increased potential risks for slip, trip and fall injuries to operators?

  • 8 - Basic Safety - ELECTRICAL SAFETY ? Are there any damaged electrical equipment/ cables / wiring / temporary repair? Has any dangerous electricity cables, wiring been observed which could cause trip hazards ? Has any electrical cabinet been found without a lock?

  • 9 - Basic Safety - CHEMICAL SAFETY CONTROL - Has the plant demonstrated control for chemicals, every cntainer has labels/flammable solvent stored safely,hazard warning signs/access to MSDS. Employees observed using chemical, chemcial waste or spillages, handling chemical in an unsafe way. Have you observed chemical spill equipment and instructions?

  • 10 - Basic Safety - UNSAFE BEHAVIOUR - Employee unsafe behaviour observed - running, climbing on machines -walking over chemical / waste / oil spillages- jumping down steps / ladders / stairs. Employee observed working unsafely on machines, or uisng chemicals without the proper PPE?


  • 11 - Sort - MACHINE - There are unnecessary machines (inc. Excluded from use)?items, food?

  • 12 - Sort - TOOLING - Are there any unnecessary toolings in a zone?

  • 13 - Sort - MATERIAL FLOW & STORAGE - - Are there any Finished Goods, SEMI FG, RM, LABELS that are used not within its purpose ? Example: emplyees keeping screws, clips in a paper cups?

  • 14 - Sort - MOBILE EQUIPMENT - Are there any unnecesary and/or damaged: MOBILE EQUIPMENT, ladders, stairs, platforms, lifts (transport equpment) AND OTHER INFRASTRUCTURE in a zone ?

  • 15 Sort - VISUAL TRACKING - Are there any outdated or unnecessary information on the walls, information boards, machines and at the workplace?

  • 16 - Sort - ENVIRONMENTAL - Are there any unnecesary objects: on the racks, in the drawers, cabinets ? For example: unnecessary production materials, outdated labels, uneccesary tools, personal items, food?
    TB - Has the areas any unnecessary items within the work area, have engineers left equipment or machines parts in restricted areas? Are there any unnecessary tooling's, engineering tool boxes, pallet trucks, pallet of


  • 17 - SET IN ORDER - MACHINE - Are there all machines in correctly marked places ?

  • 18 - SET IN ORDER - TOOLING - Are there all tools and other equipment kept in correctly marked places ?

  • 19 - SET IN ORDER - MATERIAL FLOW & STORAGE - Are there all raw materials, semi finished goods and finished goods have clearly marked and correctly indentified places of storage?

  • 20 - SET IN ORDER - MOBILE EQUIPMENT - Do the cabinets, drawers, racks tool trolley and other containers orderly and clean inside?

  • 21 - SET IN ORDER - VISUAL TRACKING - Do the racks, shelves, drawers, segregators contain identification according to standard?

  • 22 - SET IN ORDER - VISUAL TRACKING - Are there all control cabinets: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric cables correctly marked?

  • 22 - SET IN ORDER - VISUAL TRACKING - Are there all control cabinets: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric cables correctly marked?

  • 23 - SET IN ORDER - ENVIRONMENTAL - Are the emergency exits marked accordingly to local fire standards?


  • 24 - SHINE - MACHINE - Are there machines clean and in good condition?

  • 25- SHINE - TOOLING - Are there hand tools and equipment in good condition?

  • 26 - SHINE - MATERIAL FLOW & STORAGE - Are the pallets/cartons/bins and bags (sleeves) in good condition?

  • 27 - SHINE - MOBILE EQUIPMENT - Is the workplace clean and up to standard (e.g. lighting, heating, ventilation, skeleton vacuum system)?

  • 28- SHINE - VISUAL TRACKING - Is information and labels on a walls, floors, machines and workplace , clean and readable?

  • 29 - SHINE - ENVIRONMENTAL - Is there cleaning equipment available, in good condition and easy identify access to ?

  • 30 - SHINE - ENVIRONMENTAL - Do the computers, printers and other IT equipment is clean and is it working well (procesor is fast)?


  • 31 - STANDARDIZE - MACHINE - Are there available actual SOP (standard operating procedure), manuals available for operators?

  • 32 - STANDARDIZE - TOOLING - Are the hand tools and their covers and toolboxes standardized?

  • 33 - STANDARDIZE - MATERIAL FLOW & STORAGE - Is stored material stored according to the standard quantity ? (the quantity that can be stored in marked place)

  • 34 - STANDARDIZE - MOBILE EQUIPMENT - Is there a cleaning schedule available? Is there cleaning performed up to schedule and are there records available?

  • 35 - STANDARDIZE - VISUAL TRACKING - Is there a floor layout and evacuation layout available for entire zone and is it up to date and easily accessible?

  • 36 - STANDARDIZE - VISUAL TRACKING - Does 5S+S communication board exist and is there infomation up to date?

  • 37 - STANDARDIZE - VISUAL TRACKING - Are there all 5S+S procedures , instructions and forms, standard formats of zone marking, documented and available in 5S+S handbook?


  • 41 - SUSTAIN - MATERIAL FLOW & STORAGE - Do employees know the types of waste and segregate them?

  • 42 - SUSTAIN - MOBILE EQUPMENT - Do all transport workers got up to date licences/ permissions to drive forklifts?

  • 43 - 5S+S CONTROL - Is there an evidence available of the actions taken from last 5S+S audit?

  • 44 - 5S+S CONTROL - Are there regular 5S+S meetings organized with employees where 5S+S related actions and open points are discussed?

  • 45 - 5S+S CONTROL - Does each zone have a 5S+S nominated supervisor?

  • 46 - 5S+S CONTROL - Do employees know the standard of 5S+S?

  • 47 - 5S+S CONTROL - Do employees know, the definition of a Near Miss and know how to report it?

  • 48 - 5S+S CONTROL - Are the fire equipement inspections performed periodically, accordingly to local requirements?

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