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HVAC System Commissioning Checklist

Air Conditioning

  • Has the system completed a cycle?

  • Supply Temperature?

  • Temperature Difference?

  • Blower Motor Amps?

  • Compressor Amps?

  • Gauges Reading


  • Furnace Installation Image

  • Has the furnace completed a cycle?

  • Supply Temperature?

  • Temperature Difference?

  • Blower Motor Amps?

  • Inducer Motor Amps? (If aplicable)


  • Thermostat Image

  • Has Thermostat been installed?

  • Has Thermostat been set-up?

  • Has Thermostat been sealed?

  • Has it been programmed?


  • All Armaflex has been Installed?

  • Copper Line Cleaned?

  • PVC Line Cleaned and Replaced?

  • Has system been on a Vacuum?

  • Has Drain Pan Switch been properly installed?

  • Has In-Line Switch been properly installed?

  • Has Jones Valved been properly installed?

  • Has UV-Light been properly installed?


  • Condenser Location Image

  • Condenser Tag

  • Refrigerants Lbs added

  • Scale Image taken

Furnace/Air Handler

  • Furnace Location Image

  • Furnace Tag Image


  • Coil Image

  • Coil Tag Image

Duct Work

  • All Duct Work Properly Sealed?

  • Ducts Hanged if needed?

  • Duct images


  • Doe the HomeOwner have all proper documentation?

  • Does the HomeOwner have Owner Manuals

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