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HVAC Tune up Checklist

  • Use the following section to guide you throughout your HVAC tune up process. If something does not apply to your needs, mark it with "N/A". If applicable, attach photos and videos for specific issues, and notes for additional information.

    Repeat the section as necessary for multiple HVAC tune up sessions, or duplicate this form.

  • HVAC Tune up
  • Has the HVAC system's outer appearance been inspected?

  • Are all switches working?

  • Are all blower motors tuned up?

  • Are all belts adjusted and in good working order?

  • Are thermostat settings working as intended?

  • Are air filters in their proper locations and clean for use?

  • Are all moving parts properly lubricated?

  • Are all electrical wirings working properly and safe for use?

  • Are all condensate drains clean?

  • Are refrigerator levels acceptable?

  • Are all controls working?

  • Are all coils in their proper places and working as intended?

  • Are there any leaks to be aware of?

  • Are there any insects or rodents?

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