Hygiene Audit
Date of Audit

Is the receiving area clean and tidy

Is there visible drainage and no stagnant water?

Food temperature of perishables checked on delivery and recorded on Receiving Log

Has the Expiry date of goods been checked on delivery

Expire Date

Physical inspection of goods for pest infestation

Immediate storage of items to correct temperature zones after delivery

Received food is labelled with the following info: Product name, date packed, expiry date

What log in the CHESS manual is filled in when a delivery is rejected for health and safety reasons?

Do you have a kicthen scale?

Give examples of foods weighed during deliveries?


Racking material-cleanable and rust free

Foods stored on raised racks-at least 15cm above the floor

Suitability and quality of containers/packaged goods covered, sealed and clean

Foods not in their original container must be labelled with product name and expiry date and be stored in a sealable container

Effective stock rotation (FIFO)?

Separation of cleaning materials, glassware, crockery, dry goods etc.

Walls, floors, ceilings-appropriate finish, condition and cleanable?

Adequate light and light fixture covers?

Risk of cross-contamination controlled?

Cleanliness of area

Is the area organized?

Light fittings clean

Adequate ventilation


3 X Daily temperature records kept of fridge/s for past month

3 X Daily temperature records kept of freezer/s for past month

Temp of outside dial of fridge ? 5° C

Temp of food item in fridge ? 5° C (use a thermometer)

Temp of outside dial of freezer ? 18° C

Temp of food item in freezer ? -18° C (use a thermometer)

Walls, floors, ceilings-appropriate finish/condition and clean?

Racking material cleanable and rust free-no wood

Suitability of storage containers. Are all food products and leftovers covered?

Cleanliness of fans and cooling systems?

Cleanliness of walls, shelving, floors?

Light fittings clean?

Separation of products-raw vs cooked, dairy, red meat, red meat, fish, poultry, ready to eat foods etc.

Food stored on raised racks-not on the floor

Stock rotation-FIFO

Is risk of cross-contamination controlled? i.e. are high risk foods such as raw chicken stored on the bottom shelves and low risk foods such as dairy stored on the top shelves

No personal belongings stored in storage area


Is the Occurrence Book present?

Is the Occurrence Book being used?

Is the CHESS manual clean?

Are CHESS manual logs in order

Are CHESS additions present

Other than during service-give examples of when staff should use disposable gloves

Cleanliness of kitchen-walls, floors, windows, window seals and doors

Cleanliness of commonly touched areas such as light switches, power points, plugs and door handles

Walls, floors and ceilings-appropriate finish and in a good condition

Explain how meat is defrosted in the unit?

How are fresh fruit and vegetables sanitized prior to preparation/serving? (physically show what sanitizer is used)

Are hands washed often when handling and preparing food?

Are ALL 6 colour coded chopping boards available? (red, brown, blue, white, yellow and green)

Suitable thermometer available in the unit?

Is the thermometer clean and sanitized?

Is the Cooking Temperature Log being filled in consistently?

Is food held in the Temperature Danger Zone for more than 4 hours discarded?

Are food samples for the past 3 day available?

Are food samples kept in the freezer?

Are food samples at least 80g?

Is reused oil for deep fat frying drained?

Are oil testing logs kept?

Is used oil collected by a company e.g Spent Oil

Suitability of shelves, tables and worktops-clean, rust-free, stainless steel?

Ovens, tilting pans, fryers, microwave and other large cooking equipment in working order?

Ovens, tilting pans, fryers, microwave and other large cooking equipment clean?

Disposal bins are clean and lined

Extraction vent clean?


Are safety shoes worn by all staff?

Are all staff, including managers, wearing hair nets?

Cleanliness and suitability of uniforms

Capitol uniforms worn?

All staff wearing name badges?

Other than a wedding band-is any other jewellery worn by staff?

Demonstrate the correct food tasting procedure

Good personal cleanliness and appearance?

Personal habits-chewing, touching ones nose etc.

Hand maintenance-short nails, no nail polish, cuts covered

Evidence of illness reporting (e.g sick notes)

Hand wash facilities at entry points with anti-bacterial liquid soap

Sanitizer available at basin?

Paper towel available at basin?

Bin available at basin?

Hand-wash basins used exclusively for washing of hands

Hand wash basins clean?

Availability of hot and cold water

Handwashing signage posted on walls

Frequency of hand washing-i.e. washed between tasks, between handling different food types, after tea, bathroom and lunch breaks

Smoking only in demarcated area

No eating whilst preparing/serving food

Staff behaviour-no horseplay or singing

No personal belongings stored in the kitchen

Evidence of cell phone use in kitchen?


Clean, neat and odour-free

Liquid soap available?

Sanitizer available?

Paper towel available?

Waste-bin available?

Toilet paper available?

General maintenance of facility?

Cleanliness of staff dining area?


Is the training Easel present in the unit?

Is the training Easel being used?

Proof that all food handlers been trained on Hygiene in the past 6 months?

All training attended/given signed and recorded

Proof that Merrills cooking video demos are being shown to staff in unit

Is the training file being used?

Certificate for First Aider/s on display/available in the unit?

Certificate for Fire Fighter/s on display/available in the unit?

Attendance registers per employee available

Attendance registers completed daily and accurately showing arrival time/tea break/ lunch break


Suitable number of bins-well maintained

Is wet waste kept separate from dry waste?

Bins in a good condition?

Cleaning/sanitizing of bins before re-use

Regular removal of waste and general cleanliness of area

Does the unit participate in recycling?

Is the correct food wastage log filled in?

Evidence of filled in food wastage logs from past few weeks

Is Food Wastage Summary Log sent in weekly/monthly?

Explain how food waste is seperated and then recorded?

No evidence of pest activity-internal and external (droppings, fur, insects etc.)

PCO (Pest Control Operator registered with Dept of Agriculture

PCO registration certificate must be available and on file

PCO service reports available?

Are domestic pesticide products used (e.g. Doom, Baygon, Rattex)

Bait stations are prohibited inside kitchen unless baited with organic bait and of trap nature.


Are Hychem/SABS approved chemicals used?

Are sanitizer buckets on a few counter tops

How often is the solution in the sanitizer buckets replaced?

Is the water in the sanitizer buckets clean?

Are there Colour coded working areas

MSDS sheets available?

Are cleaning and sanitizing chemicals available to staff throughout the day?

Are all chemical containers clearly labelled with the product name, suppliers name and instructions for use?

Cleaning schedule in use and displayed?

Separate storage of cleaning equipment and chemicals (away from food)

Cleaning equipment kept cleaned and sanitized?

Suitability and condition of work surface cloths (ideally disposable cloths)

Sprays bottles available?

Staff knowledge of chemicals and their use? i.e. correct ratios of chemicals to water when mixing etc.


Suitable detergents and dosing?

Suitability of shelving material-cleanable and rust free? No wooden shelving? Dry rack clean?

Cleanliness of pots, pans and utensils?

Appropriateness of storage-stored upside down, not packed inside each other?

Cleanliness and condition of crockery and glassware?

Are plugs available in all sinks of the wash-up area?

Sinks and drains are clean and unblocked?


Table tops and chairs clean and in good condition?

Bain Marie’s clean and in working order?

Is the water inside the Bain Marie clean?

Is the holding log being filled in?

Is hot food on display kept above 65° C during serving?

Is cold food cold food below 5° C during serving?

Cleanliness of area?


Is there a Contingency Plan on display?

Is there a Certificate of Acceptability on display?

First Aid box available

First Aid box correctly stoked

Fire extinguishers attached to wall and Fire blanket available where applicable?

Fire extinguisher signs appropriately posted?

Fire extinguisher service label available and current?

Is an evacuation plan displayed?

Is fire drill practiced routinely?

OHS act poster displayed and visible to all staff?

Basic Conditions of Employment Act poster displayed and visible to all staff?

Employment Equity poster displayed and visible to all staff?

Accident log kept, updated and relevant?

Emergency exits above emergency exit door/s in kitchen

Safety Officer appointed and safety meetings held and minutes documented(only required if more than 20 employees on site)

Management ensures that staff with known illnesses are removed from duty or isolated from food preparation areas?


Any Additional Observations

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.