General Conditions

  • Slip, trip or fall hazards

  • No holes or depressions in floors

  • Walkways adequately marked and free from obstructions, including electrical cords and outlets

  • General housekeeping is good

  • No top heavy file cabinets

  • Switch and cover plates in place

  • Closet and storage areas in good condition

  • Is furniture in good condition

  • Work benches clear of rubbish

  • Are ladders appropriately stored

  • Any other unsafe practices observed

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Appropriate gloves used for the type of work being performed

  • Eye and face protection properly selected for each job

  • Respiratory protection properly selected if necessary for each job

  • Personal protective equipment appropriately selected for the type of work being performed

  • Hearing protection selected for areas above noise standard

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Lighting and Ventilation

  • Illumination level sufficient for work performed

  • Emergency lighting adequate and operating

  • Adequate ventilation

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Exits and Emergency Prepardness

  • Adequate number of exits for emergency escapes

  • No locked or barred exits restricting escape

  • Written and posted emergency evacuation plan & exit map

  • Any unsafe practices observed

First Aid and Medical Services

  • Adequate materials and equipment available and not expired

  • Proper signage for locations of first aid, eye wash and safety shower locations

  • Eye wash and safety shower in good working condition

  • Clear instructions for contacting out medical resources

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Hand and Portable Power Tools

  • Electrically grounded and cords free of cuts and fraying

  • Guards and safety fixtures in place

  • Unused tools properly stored

  • Broken or damaged tools not in use

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

  • Up-to-Date chemical inventory complete and available for review

  • SDS available for all chemicals or hazardous materials

  • Employees and students trained in proper handling of each chemical

  • Containers containing chemicals properly labeled

  • Adequate storage cabinets provided with proper venting

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Special storage area away for heat sources and properly separated by the contents

  • Stored upright and chained to prevent falling over

  • Contents legibly marked and properly labeled

  • Caps in place on cylinders not in use

  • Any unsafe practices observed


  • Electrical control panels clearly identified and secured

  • Un-obstructed access to Electrical control panels

  • Only certified electrical specialist have access to panels

  • Extension cords fray free, with no splices and missing grounding plug

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Machine Guarding

  • Guard or safety device at each point of operation

  • Guards fully prevents operator from reaching around the guard

  • Guards are totally effective and unable to be bypassed

  • Start and stop controls within easy reach of the operator

  • Start and stop controls clearly labeled

  • Machinery can be oiled and greased without removing guards

  • All controls, including foot controls, are guarded against accidental start-up

  • Emergency stop controls clearly identified and readily accessible

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Lockout Tagout Systems

  • Positive LOTO system provided for all power equipment.

  • Have students been trained LOTO awareness

  • Only authorized persons allowed to perform LOTO

  • LOTO system will reduce power to zero state.

  • Any unsafe practices observed

Fire Protection

  • Fire extinguishers fully charged and in their designated spaces

  • Have fire extinguishers been inspected appropriately

  • Are fire extinguishers free from obstructions or blockage

  • Are welding curtains available where applicable

Additional Comments

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