Hardware Maintenance

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  • Name of user or owner of device

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External clean

  • Note: Work in a well ventilated area and be sure to wear a safety mask to avoid inhaling dust particles or dirt.

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  • Clean keyboard and outside surfaces of device using soft dry cloth. Use a moist cloth for stubborn stains.

Internal Clean

  • Before opening any device seek advice from a manager/supervisor. Check warranty and service level agreements as opening any device may devoid the warranty.

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  • Open device case and clean all fans and vents using a cordless dust blower. Hold fans still with your finger to prevent rotation.

  • Clean all internal surfaces and installed components using a light air blower or can of compressed air.

Inspect computer parts for damage

  • After cleaning record the condition of device. Provide evidence if the condition is poor.

Inspect cabling

  • Ensure cables are not an OH&S tripping hazard.

  • Inspect cabling for wear and tear and note condition. Provide evidence of condition is poor.

NOTE: Ensure that cables are not an OHS tripping hazard

  • Check computer has cables connected, and these are not an OH&S tripping hazard. Use cable ties to tidy cables and minimise risk of tripping. Add a note of any observed risks.

Starting the device

  • Check device has all cables connected, then plug in, check power is one and boot computer. Listen to booting and watch boot sequence for error reports. Note error reports below.

  • Note any error messages

  • Once desktop is loaded, test mouse and keyboard, and several applications. Check internet connection, audio settings, and anti virus software

  • NOTE version of anti-virus software and if an upgrade is required.

Disc maintenance

  • Notes: make sure all applications are closed before complete the following tasks. Do not move device while completing disk maintenance.

  • Run the disk defragmenter if HDD installed. Do not defrag SSD if installed.

  • Record amount of available space available on storage device.

  • Record further disk maintenance or upgrade recommendations

Maintenance recommendations

  • Recommended date of next maintenance (Please consider amount of usage and environment the device is housed in).

  • Additional Comments/Recommendations:

  • Maintenance Conducted by:

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