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  • Have you established a timetable or schedule for preparing the MSMP?

  • Have you decided on which program or programs you will start with?

  • Have you decided who will do what?

  • Have you identified additional information you might require when preparing the MSMP?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have you written a safety and health policy for the mine?

  • Have your employee representative and the mine?s most senior manager both signed the policy?

  • Does the policy set goals for the safety and health of all people who work at the mine?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have you prepared a management structure?

  • Does your management structure include a production manager?

  • Does your management structure show positions, persons occupying their positions and outline their responsibilities and accountabilities?

  • Does your management structure include persons to fill/act in vacant positions?

  • Recommended actions


  • Is there a written procedure or system for document control?

  • Do you keep the procedure up-to-date?

  • Are obsolete documents removed from your document control system?

  • Recommended actions


  • Did you consult with your employees when preparing the mine?s safety and health policy?

  • Have you explained the Mine Safety Management Plan and what it is about to your employees?

  • Is there a procedure for communicating changes in the operation of the mine to supervisors and employees?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have you identified and listed the major hazards at the mine?

  • Are signs displayed warning people of the risks from these hazards?

  • Do you access and use occupational health and safety information when identifying hazards?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have the ?prescribed hazards? stated in legislation been assessed? Ground instability Inrush Shaft design, construction & use Use of conveyors & earth moving machinery Fire & explosion Handling of explosives Electricity Mine road design & construction Ventilation

  • Are employees involved in assessing the risk of the hazards in their workplace?

  • Are the risks prioritised?

  • Do you eliminate or control risk by applying the hierarchy of controls?

  • Recommended actions


  • Do you regularly inspect the workplace?

  • Do you have written checklists for these inspections?

  • Is there a corrective action plan (a ?to-do? list) prepared from the inspections?

  • Does the mine have a hazard reporting procedure?

  • Recommended actions


  • Do you have a procedure for breaking a job into parts and identifying hazards in each part of that job?

  • Is the workforce involved in these procedures?

  • Do you record the results of using this procedure?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have SWMS been prepared for the tasks that involve the major risks at the mine?

  • Was risk assessment used in preparing the SWMS?

  • Are persons trained in the use of the SWMS?

  • Do the SWMS meet the requirements of OH&S legislation, industry codes of practice, standards and guidance material?

  • Are there work permits for the ?high risk? activities at the mine?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have you identified all foreseeable events that could injure people at the mine or in the vicinity of the mine?

  • Do you have emergency response procedures at the mine for these identified emergencies?

  • Have you integrated these procedures with the emergency response of emergency services in your area?

  • For these emergency events have you identified what training your employees may require?

  • Do you conduct regular emergency drills?

  • Recommended actions


  • Do you have a program or system for maintenance and testing of plant and equipment at the mine?

  • Does the program have a written list of all plant and equipment at the mine?

  • Are maintenance/testing activities recorded?

  • Does your program include planned and preventative maintenance for the plant and equipment at the mine?

  • Recommended actions


  • Have you identified work environment hazards and assessed the risks from these hazards?

  • Have you included all possible work environment hazards at the mine?

  • Are there corrective actions for these work environment hazards?

  • Are there records of the work environment monitoring?

  • Recommended actions


  • Is there a written procedure for the reporting of accidents and incidents at the mine?

  • Do you inform your employees of the details from these reports monthly?

  • Do you have a written procedure for the investigation of reported accidents and incidents?

  • Are employees involved in the investigation of accidents and incidents?

  • Are people who work at the mine informed as to the findings and corrective actions taken from the investigation?

  • Recommended actions


  • Is there an up-to-date register of contractors who work at the mine?

  • Have all contractors received OH&S induction training for the mine?

  • Does the Mine Safety Management Plan have a procedure to manage contractors working at the mine?

  • Has a safe work method statement (SWMS) been developed for all work carried out by the contractor?.

  • Recommended actions


  • Do you have training records for your employees?

  • Are all employees included in training programs?

  • Have all employees received induction training?

  • Have all employees received training in the use of equipment for fire fighting?

  • Have all employees received training in the emergency response procedures?

  • Are persons trained to offer first aid treatment?

  • Is training given in regard to the health and safety responsibilities for supervisors and employees at the mine? This training should include the structure and use of the MSMP.

  • Recommended actions


  • Do you have a program that includes policies and procedures for fitness for work?

  • Do these policies include alcohol and other drugs, and fatigue?

  • Are there procedures that include scheduled toolbox or safety sessions for employee welfare?

  • Recommended actions


  • Auditor

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