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Executive Summary

  • Has this system been cleaned fully and has it met the criteria set out in TR19.

  • Please Refer to comments and recommendations throughout this report


  • Has the canopy void been cleaned to TR19


  • What type of filters are fitted

  • Have they been cleaned


  • Has the secondary ductwork (from canopy to main duct) been cleaned to TR19 standards.

  • Has the primary ( main ductwork ) been cleaned to TR19

  • Has the pre fan riser been cleaned to TR19 standards


  • Has the fan been cleaned to TR19 ?

  • In the auditors opinion is the fan fully accessible ?

Discharge ductwork

  • Has the discharge ductwork been cleaned to TR19?

  • Is the discharge grill, louvre or bird screen clean?

System components

  • Have the fire dampers been cleaned ?

  • Have the attenuators been cleaned as far as is practicable

  • Have the volume control dampers been clean as far as is practicable ?


  • Where the maintenance team happy with the entire experience?

Recommendations or remedial work required

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