Shop Floor

  • Has all product been pulled forward on shelving and on hooks?

  • No empty gaps on shelving/hooks?

  • Are all products being displayed in their correct category?

  • Is the entrance to the store clean, clear and easy for customer to access?

  • Is pricing displayed on all products and correctly?

  • Current ILS product toppers being used where applicable and prices displayed on these correctly?

  • Is all medium and large floor stock neat, clutter free and safely merchandised?

  • Is Nexus stand and banner correctly displayed per VM guideline?

  • All other product stands out and correctly displayed and merchandised?

  • Is appropriate music being played at a reasonable sound level?

  • Are all lights working instore?

  • Are all displays neat and tidy?


  • Is shelving clean and dust/dirt free?

  • Has the carboard & rubbish been taken out?

  • Has floor been vacuumed?

  • Is the store clean of cob webs and dust?

  • Have windows been cleaned in the last 3 months?


  • Is the current correct signage displayed throughout showroom?

  • Is all signage displayed in a perspex signage holder that isn’t cracked and broken?

  • Sale signage on baskets displayed correctly and hanging with silver hooks?

  • Are round hanging signs (shop with confidence/sale) positioned correctly and attached with silver hooks?


  • Counter and computers clean and dust free?

  • Paperwork organised on desk top and clutter free?

  • No stock or boxes under or around desk area?

  • Brochures displayed on counter and in appropriate brochure stands?

  • Correct items only being displayed on top of desks per VM including returns sign


  • Shop Front

  • Left side of Store

  • Right side of Store

  • Desk/Counter

  • Store Overview

  • Misc.


  • Additional Comments:

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