Title Page

  • Date and Time Reported

  • Hazard Reported by

  • Contact Number of Person Reporting Hazard

  • Location of Hazard
  • Specific Location (room or area within the building, compound, or facility)

Incident / Hazard

Incident Details

  • Incident / Hazard Type

  • If Incident Occurred,

  • Description of Incident / Hazard

Injury Details

  • Only Complete for Incident With Injury

  • Name of Injured Person

  • Contact Number of Injured Person

  • Nature of Injury

  • If Other, please describe injury

  • Location of Injury on Body

  • Specific Task Being Performed at Time of Injury

  • Level of Treatment Needed

  • Name of First Aider or Treatment Provider

  • Description of Treatment Provided

Corrective Actions

Contributing Factors

  • Lack of/Inadequate Equipment/Machinery

  • Lack of/Inadequate Procedures/Instructions

  • Lack of/Inadequate Management/Supervision

  • Lack of/Inadequate Management System

  • Lack of/Inadequate Employee/Worker Training

  • Inappropriate/Inadequate Work Environment

  • Inappropriate Actions and/or Behavior

  • Other

  • Cause of Incident/Hazard

Risk Assessment

  • Consequence

  • Likelihood

  • Determining Level of Risk

  • If Option Selected Previously is Red, Level of Risk is High.

  • If Option Selected Previously is Yellow, Level of Risk is Medium.

  • If Option Selected Previously is Green, Level of Risk is Low.

  • Level of Risk

  • If Level of Risk is High or Medium, at least 1 corrective action must be completed.

  • Corrective Actions
  • Control Type

  • Please click "Action" icon below

  • After creating an action, set the date and time the corrective action has to be completed and assign it to a user in your organization.

Final Page

  • To whom should this hazard report form be sent to?

  • Signature of Person Reporting Hazard

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