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  • Screener is present at the entrance of the facility

  • Screener has appropriate PPE worn (e.g. surgical mask is worn properly)

  • Patients were observed to be screened properly with infrared thermometer

  • Tape/Markers are intact and visible for patients to see

Appointment Check in Area

  • Desks during check - in are clean and clear of unnecessary items?

  • Employees have surgical masks properly worn?

  • Employees are observed to be performing hand hygiene and do not have gloves worn during patient interaction

  • Payment transactions occur one way - meaning the employee is not touching debit cards and giving it back to patient

Waiting Area

  • There are less than 5 people in the waiting area

  • All patients are displaying appropriate social distancing (more than 6 ft) apart. This may exclude Parent/Child/Caregivers

  • Patients have masks or a face covering worn

Clinic - Break Room - Pit Area

  • Hand sanitizers are appropriately stocked inside and outside exam rooms

  • PPE is properly stocked and available for health care personnel use

  • Exam room appears to be clean and ready for patient use

  • Staff is appropriately using surgical masks during shift

  • Healthcare providers have surgical masks and eye protection worn during visit with patient

  • Staff is observed to perform hand hygiene prior to entering and leaving patients room

  • Pit/Work area is clean and presentable (If there is open food in the pit area please put 'no')

Exiting the Facility

  • There is no overcrowding of patients as they exit the premises.

  • The hazardous waste storage rooms are closed and properly secured

  • Exiting appears safe with no object blocking the hallways and exiting pathways

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