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  • Appropriate amounts of packaging materials (bags, pallets, etc.) are stored in the department and are stored properly.

  • Area is free of unnecessary, unused/obsolete equipment, furniture, or spare parts.

  • No unnecessary tools (e.g. brooms, shovels, hoses or ladders) in the area.

  • Appropriate storage locations for tools are present and are tools stored appropriately.

Set In Order

  • Covers on process equipment and doors/windows closed or othewise in order.

  • Signs and notices in good condition and clearly and neatly posted.

  • Interior storage (drawers, cabinets etc.) are orderly.


  • Floors, stairs, and walkways are clean and clear of obstructions and in good condition.

  • Lockers, furniture, benches, equipment and work surfaces kept clean and in good condition.

  • Lights, bug lights, ventilation vents, ceilings, beams and conduits are kept clean and in good conditions.

  • Railings, posts and other non-floor surfaces are clean.

  • Area is free of cobwebs or any other indication of pest activity.

  • There has been an improvement in the area since last audit.


  • Equipment, tanks, lines, packaged goods and storage areas are appropriately and clearly labeled.

  • Employees can articulate the process of checking their CCPS and most recent CCP check is timely and properly documented.

  • Required paperwork (i.e. BMRs) indicates it is being filled out in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Employees know where to look for Safety Data Sheets if necessary.

  • Employees can articulate understanding of plant incident reporting procedure, stop work policy and food safety/GMP/Quality Policy.


  • Employees can articulate the meaning of TAKE 2 and can provide examples of when they did so.

  • Employees can find MOC's written for their area.

  • Employees know where to find appropriate operating procedures and procedures are up to date.

  • Previously identified actions have been completed.


  • Forklift inspections are up to date.

  • Safety showers and eyewash stations are clean and free of obstructions.

  • Emergency lights that can be reached are working.

  • Machine guards are in place, appear to be suitable and are in good repair.

  • Extension cords are used/stored properly.

  • Fire extinguishers present show evidence of timely inspection and are free from obstuction. Other fire hazards such as excess combustables or blocked egress are not present.

  • Behaviors/work practices observed are safe/in compliance with PPE requirements, plant procedures and no changes were observed upon entering.

  • Permits checked in the field are correctly filled out and posted in the proper location.

  • Ladders present in the area indicate a history of inspection and are being used properly.

  • Walking surfaces including platforms, permanent ladders and railings are in good condition.


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