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Pre-Shift Safety Meetings

  • 1. Are pre-shift safety meetings, toolbox talks & other workplace hazards communicated & documented?

  • 2. Are workplace safety boards updated?

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  • 3. Are all cords, hoses and debris placed away from walkways to prevent tripping hazards?

  • 4. Is all trash and waste being contained properly?

  • 5. Are aisles clear and unobstructed to prevent slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • 6. Are tools and equipment stored properly to prevent accidents?

  • 7. Are spill kits available and adequately supplied?

  • 8. Are station booths maintained properly (Lighting, restrooms, A/C, heating, electrical, fire extinguishers, communications, operator equipment)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • 9. Are personnel wearing their required safety equipment? i.e., reflective clothing, safety glasses, over the ankle leather shoes, hardhat, hearing protection.

  • 10. Are other PPE items being issued/worn/maintained and used as required?

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Hazard Communication

  • 11. Are MSDS / SDS(s) available and maintained for all personnel within the workplace?

  • 12. Are all chemical container labeled?

  • 13. Are all hazardous materials / waste tracked from cradle to grave?

  • 14. Have all employees been trained (Documented) appropriately for their work?

  • 15. Are all flammables stored in appropriate flammable cabinets?

  • 16. Is secondary containment provided and maintained in good condition?

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Emergency Equipment

  • 17. Are fire extinguishers and pull stations unblocked and readily available?

  • 18. Are fire extinguishers charged and inspected monthly and labeled?

  • 19. Are eye wash stations cleaned and inspected monthly w/ documentation?

  • 20. Are exits identified/illuminated tested?

  • 21. Have evacuation drills / emergency procedures been tested and documented?

  • 22. Are first aid kits readily available in each work area?

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Electrical Equipment

  • 23. Are all electrical panels and disconnects unblocked, accessible and properly labeled?

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Tools and Equipment

  • 24. Are all electrical cords / connections, tools and equipment in good repair?

  • 25. Is all lifting equipment marked with capacity and current certification?

  • 26. Are all lane checkers and over height alarms functioning properly?

  • 27. Are all air guns limited to 30 psi?

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Safe Acts

  • 28. Are company vehicles inspected and documented prior to use?

  • 29. Are employees recognized for safe work behaviors?

  • 30. Are employees disciplined for unsafe work behaviors?

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Accident Reporting Procedures

  • 31. Are all injuries and accidents reported immediately to the supervisor?

  • 32. Are supervisors reporting accidents and injuries to Safety and HR?

  • 33. Are root cause analysis done for each incident?

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Health and Medical

  • 34. Are personnel CPR certifications up to date?

  • 35. Are first aid supplies up to date?

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