Entrance Areas

Entrance Areas


Lift doors/doors

Walls / skirting / ledges




Hallways flooring / carpet / vinyl / concrete


Marks on walls

Are the lifts on each floor landing clean and polished?


Corners and edges

Is the corridor floor clean?

Carpark / warehouse / loading dock areas

Ramps and edges


Steps and landings

Walls and doors

External areas / pool / BBQ

Cobwebs on surfaces


Furniture and BBQ

Glass / poles / walls

Drains and waste

Garden / pot plants

Other areas

Fire exits

Plant rooms

Service cupboards

Gardens / pot plants

Toilets / showers / sauna / spa / Gym

Toilet bowls and seats

Wash basins and taps

Are the floors in the gym clean?

Are the mirrors in the Gym clean?

Benches and cupboards

Mirrors and partitions

Walls tiles


Flooring and corners


Waste rooms / garbage areas / bins

Skirting and walls

Garbage chute in / out

Vents and doors frames

Recycling containers

Bins tops / in / out


Drain clear

Staffing and OHS

Cleaners room

SMWS up to date

Communication book

Labels on chemicals

Chemicals in bundling

Machinery neat and tidy

Feedback on your Manager

Manager helpful and proactive

Did manager fix last inspections issues

was your manager punctual

Managers appearance

Comments / Additional works / Quotes / Periodicals

Additional Comments:

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