• Document No.

  • Project Name

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Job number

  • Date and time job started

  • Was site survey accurate 10 being good and 0 being bad

  • What was wrong with survey?

  • Pre-job pictures

  • Drawings, schematics and paper work issued

Install visual

  • Display type

  • Projector fixing method

  • Describe what fixing was used!

  • Projector mounting location

  • Distance to bottom of image to floor mm

  • Fixing method screen

  • System inputs

  • Approximate cable run length in metres

  • Was display plugged into client network?

  • Port number and device MAC address

Install audio

  • Speaker type

  • Speaker cable type (passive)

  • Powered speaker
  • If powered has the auto standby option been used ?

  • Approximate level on powered speakers used

  • Speaker input type (powered)

  • Record speaker impedance and if 100v/70v what taps have been set too!

  • Mics installed?

  • What frequencies are mics on

Control system

  • Control system make<br>

  • Panel type

  • Image of panel

  • If plugged into client network what port used and MAC address of panel

Post install

    Room tidy
  • Hoovered?

  • All installed equipment wiped over and clean?

  • Rubbish sorted and removed from room?

  • Engineer sign room clean

  • Job fully installed and fully working

  • Engineer sign

  • Client sign

  • What is not working and why

  • Engineer sign

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