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  • Hallways and stairs are free from obstructions?

  • Do the elevator doors open close properly?

  • Are the walls and ceilings free of major damage and stains?

  • Do the floors have damaged carpet or tile, slippery spots, or tripping hazards?

  • Are the ventilation grills clean and unobstructed?

  • Are the handrails present and secure in the patient rooms, bathrooms, and stairwells?

  • Are the crash carts inspected and up to date?


  • Have the fire extinguishers been inspected monthly?

  • Are the fire extinguishers and pull stations easily accessible?

  • Are the EXIT lights unobstructed and lit?

  • Do the self closing doors close all the way and latch?


  • Only hospital approved extension cords are in use and are not a trip hazard, or untidy?

  • The outside of equipment and the power cords / plug have no visible damage?

  • Are the utility panels free from obstructions?

  • Are the electrical outlets free from damage?

  • Is the medical equipment properly tagged and PM'd within the last (12) twelve months?

  • Are the medical gas valves properly labeled and functioning?


  • Are supplies properly stored and has an 18 inches of clearance under the sprinkler heads?

  • Boxes and supplies are kept at least 6 inches off of the floor?

  • The bottom shelf of carts have a liner to prevent splashing onto the supplies or equipment?

  • The gas cylinders are secured in carts, stands, or chained to the wall?


  • The electrical closets, data closets, and hazardous areas are kept locked?

  • Personal items (purses, wallets, keys, etc.) are stored and kept out of sight?

  • Are employees wearing their photo identification badges, facing forward at chest level?

  • Doors with extra security devices (such as card readers or keypads) are always allowed to close and lock?


  • Are the isolation rooms properly labeled, functioning, with supplies readily available outside of the door of the isolation patient

  • Is the department clean and dust free?

  • Are the SHARPS containers less than 2/3 rds full and secured to the wall, cabinet, or cart?

  • Is there evidence of hand hygiene practiced and witnessed in the work or clinical area? ( ) out of ( ) observed.

  • Is the medication preparation area clean and unobstructed with signage visible?

  • Are sinks clear of clutter or supplies at least 12 inches?

  • Are patient refrigerators clean and all contents within the manufactures expiration date?

  • Are staff refrigerators clean and all contents within the manufactures expiration date?

  • Are the microwave ovens clean?

  • Is personal protective equipment readily available where and when appropriate?

  • Is there any evidence of storage under the sinks?



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