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Internal Audit Checklist

Stage 1: Internal Audit Preparation

  • Initiate the audit with a service order, internal control questionnaire, etc.

  • Collect and process information

  • Perform a risk analysis with a table of strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop the internal audit program

  • Conduct an opening session

Stage 2: Internal Audit Execution

  • Collect evidence at the premises

  • Finding and reporting irregularities

  • Review working papers

  • Conduct a closing session

Stage 3: Internal Audit Reporting

  • Create the draft internal audit report

  • Transmit the draft audit report

  • Conduct a reconciliation meeting

  • Create the final report

  • Prepare a list of documents

  • Disseminate the internal audit report

Stage 4: Internal Audit Monitoring

  • Implement procedures and operations to ensure compliance with rules, regulations and laws

  • Assess the depth of management and internal control in order to remove any shortcomings of the public entity

  • Examine the impact of the set objectives and desired quality of the public in terms of the criteria of economy, efficiency and economy


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