• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Works order number<br>

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

Welding documentation issued

  • Are the instructions adequate? (Internal works order number)

  • If applicable, detail the weld number from the log that is currently in process, which run is being carried out, I.e. Root, hot pass, intermediate or capping run

  • Does the welder understand the instructions?

  • Is the inspection sheet present and filled out correctly?

  • Are welding qualifications available and in date for the welder?

  • Are the drawings available and to the correct revision as per the route card?

  • Do the drawings clearly identify welding consumable to be used?

  • Are there any NDT requirements?

Welding Bay

  • Weld set number and date of calibration

  • Can the Welder demonstrate where to find instructions? (Route card/Drawing)

  • What WPS number is being used?

  • What parameters are they running -Voltage

  • What parameters are they running - Amps

  • Do they match the WPS?

  • Is the wire correct to the WPS?

  • Are there any pre heat details on the WPS and are they being adhered to?

  • Calculate heat input. Does it fall within the WPS requirements? Arc energy =60 x volts x amps divided 1000 x travel speed in mm/min Heat input = arc energy x 0.8

  • Are weld gauges present and use demonstrated?

  • Are there any interphase temperature details on the WPS and are they being adhered to?

Equipment inspection

  • Voltmeter/ammeter working OK?

  • Cable and hoses in good condition?

  • Gas regulators in good condition?

  • Weld set in good working order?

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