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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Ward

  • Insert NM

  • Is the audit for a PIVC?

PIVC brand

  • Device Type

PIVC Bedside Review

  • Is the Date of Insertion marked on the dressing?

  • Is the PIVC connected to IV therapy on inspection?

  • Is there a BLUE line label present as per policy?

  • Is the approved IV occlusive dressing clean, intact and dry?

  • Is there tape or other non approved dressings securing the PIVC?

  • Has the patient been informed on how to care for the device and when to report concerns?

  • Is the PIVC in an appropriate anatomical position (should NOT be in Cubical fossa or poor position for patient comfort/safety unless otherwise documented by AP)

PIVC documentation review

  • PIVC observation chart or theatre records form has correct day of PIVC insertion documented

  • PIVC observation chart or Theatre Records has the correct anatomical site noted

  • PIVC observation chart or Theatre records has the correct gauge size documented

  • PIVC observation chart has insertion personnel documented

  • PIVC inserted by Ambulance service, during MET call, or by other facility or GP?

  • PIVC inserted >24 hours

  • Please write the insertion personnel name or location as documented on the form.

  • PIVC observation chart has PIVC inspection signed each shift

  • PIVC observation chart has correct day associated with the PIVC - day 1, 2 or 3

  • What is the Phlebitis Grading Score (PGS) at the time of audit?

  • Has the PIVC been used since insertion (such as to give fluid or IV AB)?

  • Documentation that PIVC flushed every 8hrs (when not in use)

  • PIVC in-situ > 72 hours

  • Is the audit for a CVL or PICC?

Invasive Device

  • Invasive device assessment form completed?

  • Tegaderm 3000 dressing applied without reinforcement (tape) after day 1

  • Date of latest dressing change on dressing

  • Is device line secure to avoid dislodgement

  • Is device free from kinks on asking patient to move arm?

  • Does the PICC line have bungs on all lumens?

  • Is there any visible blood/medication in the lumens?

  • Is the dressing clean and intact?

  • Is there blood present under dressing? If yes please change dressing ASAP

  • Is the CVC still in use?

  • Is there documentation to support why the CVC is still insitu and not active?<br>


  • Have the nursing staff caring for the invasive device completed the CVC & PICC competency

  • Has the site been checked once per shift?

  • Is there documentation to support device inserted using ANTT

  • Invasive devices anatomical location documented

  • Is type and location of device clearly documented?

  • Is the PICC batch number documented for devices inserted in SCR or ICU/Theatre

  • Staff member that inserted device has documented their details

  • Line changes documented as per policy

  • Patient or family given care information sheet

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