Building / Maintenance

All construction, renovation and repair has PRA that is followed.

No mold growth in evidence?

Are all wall hangings secured?

Ceiling tiles are in place, not moldy or broken?

Sprinkler escutcheon are in place and properly seated and clean.

Plumbing escutcheons in place and no holes.

Do all smoke & fire doors latch, operate & close properly (top, bottom, and center)?

Do appropriate doors work and latch appropriately.

Are call cords in appropriate locations, appropriate length, and unobstructed?

Are EXIT signs illumination working? Egress route clearly marked?

Are all stairwells free of stored items and no penetrations in walls?

Are all public area electric breaker boxes locked?All Panel Boxes properly Labeled and intact.

Are Surge protectors properly approved and secured.

No building foam used in the area.

Fire extinguishers properly labeled, tested, inspected. Mounted between 5" From floor and no more than 5' to top of extinguisher.

No items mounted to wall that extend out more than 6" between 36" and 82" above floor in corridors.

Wall, floor and ceiling penetration properly sealed.

Additional Comments

Additional Comments

Employee Safety / Department

Employees able to answer code questions appropriately?

Employees able to demonstrate proper infection control procedures.

Employees know proper procedures for various types of spills?

Are corridors clear of non-movable items and all carts on one side of corridor? Nothing but crash cart plugged in to outlets.

PPE boxes fully stocked?

All linen covered or in linen only room with door closed?

Is emergency equipment connected to red outlets?

Are patient records appropriately covered? HIPPA?

Pill crusher / Splitter clean?

No expired medicines or supplies? Stock rotated to front?

Clean and soiled equipment appropriately bagged and stored?

Med cart/Drugs/Needles locked or secured?

Open solution bottles are appropriately dated?

Temp / Crash cart / negative pressure room logs Complete?

Is furniture without rips or tears and in good repair?

Are all patients sleeping room and supply room doors unobstructed (doors can close & latch)? doors blocked open?

Are all compressed gas tanks secured in a rack or holder? Less than 12 new "E" cylinders in smoke zone?

Are splash zones appropriately separated and clear of clutter?

Infectious waste appropriately separated, sealed and not overflowing containers?

Nothing under sink other than cleaning supplies.

Refrigerator signs appropriate?

Eye wash if needed is there and being inspected?

No boxes on the floor?

Is storage >18” below sprinkler heads?

Are fire extinguishers & hose cabinets, med gas valves unobstructed?

No candles with wicks, or fragrance devices?

Refrigerators, microwaves etc. clean and free of defects?

Space heaters are in appropriate locations and of appropriate type?

Employee purses secured?

Are all employees, physicians and contractors wearing ID Badges?

Employee food and covered drinks in appropriate areas?

Are all chemicals/containers labeled?

Are clean / dirty supplies, equip., etc. appropriately separated in utility rooms?

Additional Comments

Additional Comments


Are cables and wire neatly secured and out of the way under desks and work areas?

Additional Comments


Are needle / sharp boxes secured and less than 2/3rds full.

Are floors clean and free of slip hazards?

Are all areas / rooms (fixtures/surfaces, vents) clean and free of dust accumulation?

No excessive trash and linen in soiled utility rooms?

Additional Comments

Additional Comments.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.