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Internal Audit Questions

  • What are the legal, regulatory, business technical and security requirements applicable to Marine link? Are they documented?

  • Who is the regulatory class for Marine link, if applicable?

  • Do you have different environments for development and production activities? Do they have different credentials?

  • How is access management performed in Marine link? Who is the approving authority?

  • How do Marine link team manage the risk of unauthorised access or changes? Any process/procedures documented?

  • What type of data is used in development environment? How is it different from production data?

  • What criteria is followed when selecting test data for testing purposes?

  • What process is followed by Marine link to store the development code securely and manage all changes, access and version control happening around it?

  • Is there any code reviewing process/matrix to ensure system and operating environment is secure?

  • What is the process? Is it documented?

  • Who's responsible and how often is it reviewed?

  • Is there any training provided to all developers regarding secure software development practices?

  • What standards are followed by Marin link when outsourcing the development activities? Any documented process, forms or checklist?

  • How do you handle situations where insecure Coding practices are followed? What tools are used for analysis? Any examples?

  • Is there any documented Change management process used by Marine link? Who drives the change at organisational level?

  • Any examples/demonstration of successful testing schedule?

  • How often is penetration testing done and what tools are used to do this testing?

  • How do Marine link decide to perform penetration testing and what matrix is used to categorise risk as major or minor?

  • How is the change managed in production environment? Any documented process pre or post change?

  • What type of testing phases are completed before implementing a new system/application?

  • What kind of data is stored in CMDB? Is it regularly monitored data?

  • How is version control done in Marine link?

  • Do Marine link have documented process for decommissioning activities? is it in accordance with Change management process?

  • What are the data retention and disposal standards followed by Marine link? Are they documented?

Documentation Checklist (SDLC)

  • Can you explain the SDLC for Marine link and demonstrate using an example?

  • Demonstrate any testing schedule produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any System Security Standard (SSP) produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any Security Risk Assessment (SRA) produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any User guide produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any Release Plan produced during SDLC.

  • Demonstrate any Training Plan produced during SDLC.


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