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  • Are all employees wearing eye protection, side shields, slip resistant shoes?

  • Select an employee: is the employee aware of where the safety card or JHA is for their machine?


  • Look at the I always wear employees walk: are there any trip hazards?

  • Is there safe clearance between all the equipment through aisles and doors? (28" minimum)

  • Are floors free of oil spillage or leakage?

  • Look in the area for the used rag container. Is it metal? It is NOT overflowing? Is the container labeled?

  • Are extension cords off of the floor where they can be abused by traffic and/or chemicals?

  • Look for the nearest exit. Is the exit clearly marked? Do employees have easy access?

  • Look at a machine. Is it free from excessive oil and dirt?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher in sight and within 30'?

  • Are materials that are stacked stable and secure?

  • Look for all phones in the area. Are there 911 and address tags in view?

  • Check storage racks for proper movement. Do they move freely when unlocked and not move freely when locked?

  • Are here hoses off the floor when not in use?

  • Look at the primary workspace. Is the area clean and orderly? Are unnecessary items removed from the work area?

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  • Are the electrical panels closed?

  • Is permanent wiring used instead of extension cords?

  • Is there a minimum of 36" clearance around the electrical panel?

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Grinding Wheels

  • Are all stationary grinding equipment bolted down?

  • Is all safety guarding in place?

  • Is guarding secure and free from sharp edges?

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  • JASFO-08-02-13B (n/r)
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