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  • Conducted on

  • Conducted by

  • Other Personnel involved:

A. Review of Activity

  • 1. Performed the task steps in the same order as listed in the SOP?

  • 2. Performed each step, did not miss or omit any steps?

  • 3. Used specified PPE/tools during the required steps as listed in the SOP?

  • 4. Followed any precautions that were listed for a specific step.

  • 5. Allowed adequate time to monitor the reaction of the process for each step taken, if needed.

  • 6. Communicated with others, if required.

B. Adequacy of Procedure

  • 1. Procedure sequence is logical (efficient, necessary, safe).

  • 2. PPE/tools used by the operator was listed in the SOP.

  • 3. The SOP language, terminology, jargon, and descriptions are common and understood by the person(s) performing the work.

  • 4. Precautions for common hazards (i.e. Line of fire, pinch points, hot materials) are spelled out in the SOP, if needed.

  • 5. The scope of this SOP is appropriate (it does not need to be subdivided or combined with another SOP).

  • 6. Variations in conditions have been considered in the SOP.

  • 7. The level of detail in the SOP is sufficient for training a new operator or performing refresher training.

C. Familiarity with Other Matters

  • 1. The equipment/machinery/tools used in this task are maintained and functioning as designed (I.e. Not broken or using a work around).

  • 2. Access and lighting are adequate to perform routine tasks.

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