• Safety Director - Paul Oliver

  • Safety Admin - Maryann Mandel

  • Project Manager


  • Are subcontractor orientation checklists up to date?

  • Are on site meeting minutes addressing safety issues?

  • Are the Safety Records Manual And Accident Prevention Program on site and up to date?

  • Do daily reports contain relevant safety issues?

  • Does each sub have trained first aid available?

  • Is first aid kit(s) on site and location posted?

  • Are air horns on site and readily available?

  • Are emergency contacts and hospital map posted?

  • Is exit and evacuation signage posted properly?

  • Are there steps and handrails at the trailer entrances?

  • Are the temporary roads adequate for emergency vehicles?

  • Are universal crane signals posted?

  • Are OSHA records and posters posted?

  • Are safety signs and postings properly maintained?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are hard hats and proper footwear worn by all workers?

  • Body Protection as required?

  • Is eye and face protection being utilized as necessary?

  • Are dust masks or respirators being worn where necessary?

  • Have respirators been fit tested?

  • Have personnel been trained in proper PPE use?

  • Is hearing protection being used as necessary?

Housekeeping & Sanitation

  • Are storage areas, aisles and walkways clear?

  • Is the site office/trailer clean and organized?

  • Are construction materials neatly piled and stacked?

  • Are nails removed from lumber?

  • Are sanitary facilities adequate and clean?

  • Drinking water tested and approved?

  • Are refuse piles/dumpsters regularly removed or emptied?

  • Have all spills been properly cleaned up?

Fire Protection / LPG

  • Is a fire prevention program in place?

  • Are subs utilizing task oriented fire protection?

  • 1-hour construction maintained between occupied and construction, if required?

  • Evacuation and emergency rally point signs posted?

  • Evacuation instructions to personnel?

  • Fuel tanks inspected by municipality?

  • Rescue reviewed with Fire/EMS?

  • Is a source of water clearly marked for fire protection?

  • Are fuels being stored in properly marked containers?

  • Are no smoking rules being observed?

  • Are fire extinguishers on site, tagged current and charged?

  • FEs (1) per 3,000 s.f. Or (1) per floor?

  • FEs at stairwells?

  • Air horn at stairwells?

  • Exits are unobstructed?

  • Are all liquids properly labeled and stored?

  • No more than 25 gallons of flammable materials outside of storage?

  • Combustible debris piles no higher than 20? At least 10' from bldg.?

  • Driveways around combustible piles at least 15' wide?

  • Do storage locations and refueling points have fire extinguishers?

  • Does motorized equipment have fire extinguishers onboard?

Ladders, Scaffolding & Aerial Lifts

  • Have damaged ladders been removed and tagged?

  • Do ladders reach 3 feet above landings and are properly secured?

  • Are ladders set at proper slope and on a stable surface?

  • Is the platform or top 2 steps of a step ladder being used as a work surface?

  • Has a competent person been identified for scaffolding?

  • Have employees using scaffolding been properly trained?

  • Is scaffolding in good working order?

  • Frames with integral ladders, or ladders used to reach work?

  • Are scaffolds on sound, rigid surfaces?

  • Are scaffolds secured and stabilized as required?

  • Are scaffolds being properly labeled?

  • Are guardrails, mid rails and toe boards installed as required?

  • Are screens installed where persons pass under scaffold?

  • Is planking scaffold grade, in good condition and installed correctly?

  • Have any OHC provided roof access ladders been installed and maintained?

  • Does it appear that fall protection methods are being utilized as required?

  • Are AWPs utilized by OHC properly maintained?

  • Are AWPs utilized properly for the tasks being completed?

  • Are pre-shift inspections being completed for AWPs?

  • Is fall protection being utilized in AWPs as required?

  • Are stilts 18" or less? (For projects under OSHA jurisdiction, are stilts being used per the manufacturer's recommendations?

Material Handling & Disposal

  • Are materials stored according to their fire characteristics?

  • Are proper lifting procedures being practiced?

  • Are chutes over 20' enclosed to the exterior of the building?

  • Are material drop areas barricaded and posted?


  • Do all subs have hardcopy of their Hazcom, SDS sheets and inventory?

  • Are SDS sheets onsite and in a central location accessible to all personnel onsite?

  • Is the SDS inventory sheet current and posted in a central location?

  • Has OHC's Hazcom Policy been communicated to all personnel onsite?

Concrete & Masonry Construction

  • Is all exposed reinforcing steel capped as required?

  • Are masonry walls braced as required and signage posted?

Fall Protection

  • Is fall protection being used as required?

  • Are guardrails installed and properly set?

  • Are perimeter cables installed and properly flagged?

  • Are safety nets installed and properly set?

  • Are slab bars a trip hazard at entries / front stoops?

  • Are roof warning lines properly installed and maintained?

  • Are HOLES properly covered and marked?

  • Are wall openings properly protected?

  • Are lower levels protected from falling objects?

  • Are fall protection devices being used in aerial lifts?

  • Are OHC employees properly trained for PPE being used?


  • Are lights protected from breakage?

  • Are temporary lights properly suspended?

  • Are extension cords grounded and correctly rated for use?

  • Are GFCIs being used as necessary?

  • Have damaged cords been removed?

  • Are extension cords properly hung and flagged?

  • Are energized electrical panels properly guarded and covered?

  • Are ground fault circuit interrupters in use?

  • Are overhead lines properly supported and flagged?


  • Are air line connections secure?

  • Are electrical tools properly grounded?

  • Does all equipment and tools have the required guards in place?

Compressed Gas, Welding And Cutting

  • Are cylinders stored upright with cans secured?

  • Are cylinders stored in a safe location?

  • Are different types of gas cylinders stored the proper distance apart?

  • Have damaged cable, regulators, etc. been removed?

Cranes, Rigging And Mechanized Equipment

  • Has the swing radius of rotating machines been barricaded?

  • Are back up alarms working on equipment where required?

  • Are clearances to OH power lines being maintained?

  • Do lifting hooks have safety latches?

  • Have defective slings been removed from service?

  • Are nylon slings being protected from cutting?

  • Are universal crane signals posted?

Excavating And Trenching

  • Have underground utilities been located and staked?

  • Are excavations guarded, sloped or shored as required?

  • Are materials a proper,distance from the edge of an excavation?

  • Are daily excavation inspections being documented by a competent person?

  • Do trenches and excavations have required means of egress?

Special Requirements

  • Is Lockout / Tagout procedures required for this project? If so, is the procedure in place?

  • Is a Hot Work Permit required for this project? If so, is the procedure in place?

Miscellaneous Items

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  • Superintendent's Signature

  • Auditor's Signature

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