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  • All plant rooms are neat and tidy.

  • Are there any trip hazards, areas where hazard signage is required or any serious safety concerns.

  • Plant, pipework and containment is generally free from significant dust build up

  • Safety notices, MSDS sheets are in place, where appropriate.

  • PPE is in place, where appropriate.

  • Plant is generally in working order with no obvious major malfunction or undue noise, without proper explanation, i.e. quote issued or parts awaited.

  • Any 'out of order' plant / areas are clearly sign-posted.


  • Are all PPM's listed correctly, displayed in a prominent position with dates, and is evidence available to validate that PPM's are up to date and following the schedule

  • Monthly Report and Invoices submitted on mutually agreed date each month as outlined in the contract.

  • Monthly report contains accurate data and statistics and meets all the requirements of the Company. One page executive summary dashboard provided to Company.

  • Service Provider to undertake risk management ensuring that a risk register is produced and maintain with action plans for identifying risk and a strategy is in place to minimize any such risks. These must be updated regularly.

  • Service Provider will pro-actively monitor assets and shall raise Corrective Maintenance service requests upon themselves when deterioration of an assets performance is noted. No instance of asset negligence shall be accepted.

  • Records shall be kept in a Building Manual Appendix (Facilities Reference File), kept on the premises and available at all times for audit and review. Where possible all such records shall be loaded and stored on a CAFM system. Service Provider shall ensure an auditable Asset Register is maintained as current.

  • Time submission of accurate quotes for corrective maintenance along with technical report & procurement information.


  • At least FAHU's must be opened up at random and checked for clean filters (filters can usually have a thin layer of dust but must not be clogged).

  • Are all pumps working in 'auto' mode, free from undue noise and vibration, and free from rust (including anti vibration mounts).

  • Roof chillers should be running in 'auto' mode, not be making any undue noise and be free from any structural rust (including anti vibration mounts).

  • Parking garage fans to be working correctly, free from dust and undue noise etc.

  • Roof and all exposed duct work/pipework/containment to be inspected for general cleanliness, insulation, cladding and supports to be intact.

  • LV panels to be clean, locked, no signs of carbon / black build up on contacts, and to have correct distribution schematic on display within panel.

  • Capacitor bank to be clean, in working order, under maintenance contract and to be showing a 'power factor' of 0.9 or above.

  • Gate barriers to be working correctly, internal panel parts clean and lubricated and maintenance records maintained.

  • Intercom system to be working correctly and maintenance records up to date.

  • All statutory inspections completed as per schedule.

  • Elevators working properly and maintenance records up to date.

  • All CCTV cameras working properly.

  • BMS system fully operational without any loss of communication with external devices.


  • Are all FAHU's & FCU's running normally no unnormal noise?

  • All actuators are responding properly to thermostat settings?

  • FCU coils are free from rust?

  • FCU strainer is cleaned?

  • condensation drip pans are clear and no blockage?

  • FAHU bag filters and pre filters are in good condition or required to be replace?

Heat Exchangers

  • Is the temperature drop between primary and secondary circuit is within acceptable range of 2°C?

  • Are the DRV and butterfly valve in operating condition for each HEX?

  • Is the delta T on primary (8°C to 9°C) and secondary (5°C to 7°C) circuit within acceptable range?

  • Are the HEX components such as pressure gauges and thermometers connected to HEX network in good condition?

  • Are all pumps automatic and manual modes of operation and controls working correctly?

  • Is the VFD (Auto/Manual inverter/bypass mode) functioning correctly?

  • Are seals, bearings, impellers, connections, bolts, nuts, housing and other parts in good condition?

  • Are the water pumps free from any undue noise/vibration? <br>

Chilled Water Dozing System

  • Are the dosing systems in operating condition?

  • Are the dosing equipment's free from any signs of chemical leakage?

  • Are the dosing systems calibrated? (Check calibration records)


  • Is the fire alarm system operating correctly and any faults present under rectification.

  • Is the quarterly fire alarm maintenance recorded and on time, and are all devices logged in a methodical manner and being addressed over the year.

  • Is the fire alarm system panel clear of faults?

  • Is the quarterly central battery maintenance recorded and on time, and is the system healthy.

  • Are the batteries for central battery system in good condition?

  • Are the modules for central battery system free from faults?

  • Are the emergency lights tested monthly as required and has the half yearly discharge test taken place as required and are any follow up actions such as faulty fittings being addressed.

  • Are hose reels maintained, stickers to be checked visually at random.

  • Are the fire pumps maintained and tested quarterly, is the date clearly marked on the panels.

  • Are all fire pumps in auto mode?

  • Are extinguishers all in place and secured to a wall where appropriate.

  • Are extinguishers maintained monthly, check stickers on extinguishers at random.

  • Are landing valves maintained, check randomly for any obvious leaks and seal to be in place.

  • SP is required to provide evidence that staircase pressurisation is fully functional and tested.

  • Are generators run monthly by the SP and is this recorded, there should not be any diesel spillage in the vicinity and PPE should be present in a proper cabinet.

  • Is diesel fuel available to 75% capacity, check via gauge or manually.

  • Are the generator and ATS panel load test been carried out ?


  • Is there an update Site's Legionella Risk Assessment? Are the domestic water tanks clean and safely accessible, visually inspect inside for any debris lying on bottom of tank or algae on walls etc.

  • Are the water tanks all tested quarterly by an accredited laboratory and do the results show the tanks are free from any contamination.

  • Is the chilled water tested monthly and do the results show any recommendation for top up chemicals, and if so is this being actioned.

  • Are MSDS sheets available and are staff aware of the contents (mark 0 if any serious gap in knowledge exists).

Swimming pool & pool pump room

  • Swimming pools Results of three water parameter tests per day should be recorded and available at all times.

  • Swimming pools Water temperature records available at all times.

  • Swimming pools Faults and anomaly in water parameters and temperature are recorded and available.

  • Swimming pools First-Aid kits are complete, with all medicines within their expiry dates.

  • Swimming pools Sufficient number of lifebuoy rings are available at each pool and are maintained in a good condition.

  • Swimming pools The lifeguard carries a valid certification in the profession, first-aid administration and in resuscitation.

  • Swimming pools All underwater lights are working.

  • Swimming pools All pool depth markings are clear and legible.

  • Swimming pools Quarterly water test results are available and within range.

  • Swimming pools All equipment in the underground pump room is running in 'auto' mode.

  • Swimming pools The dosing system calibration of valid and displayed next to the dosing system

  • Swimming pools The dosing system readings of the water parameters are coinciding with the actual readings taken with the test kit.

  • Swimming pools Sand filters look clean and no leakages observed around the filtration system.

  • Is the heat cool unit operational in "Auto" mode?

  • Is the equipment free of any vibrations that are carrying onto other components of the plant?

  • Are the condenser coils and drain pans clean without accumulation of dust?

  • Is the controller of heat cool unit operating correctly?

Regulatory Third-Party Inspections

  • CHW Sampling & Testing Report is done?

  • Lift & Elevators 3rd Party Inspections is done?

  • BMU (3rd Party Inspection) is done?

  • Water Tank Sampling & Testing is done?

  • Pool Water Sampling & Testing is done?

  • Pressure vessels (3rd Party inspection) is done?

Building Management System (BMS)

  • Is the software version upgraded? If no when this will be required?

  • Is the BMS computer clean and maintained in a safe location?

  • Are the BMS communications healthy?

  • Are the BMS communications for FCU’s healthy?

  • Are the BMS communications for FAHU’s healthy?

LV & DB rooms

  • LV rooms The area around and inside the LV room is free of any hazards.

  • LV rooms The panels have no abnormal sound and heat.

  • LV rooms There are no alarms or faults displayed on the main panels.

  • LV rooms The entrance to the LV room is kept locked at all times.

  • LV rooms All safety signage (including PPE signage) is legible and updated.

  • LV rooms An updated version of a line diagram is available in the LV rooms at all times.

  • Street light maintenance The street light poles are clean and free of unreasonable amount of dust accumulation.

  • Street light maintenance No lights are fused.

  • Street light maintenance Glasses of luminaries are free of dirt and look clean.

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