Does a staff member understand the Right to Know and SDS information?

Can a staff member say where the SDS info can be found?

Can a staff member speak to proper dwell times for the quat and bleach products?

Are individual bottles of quat labeled correctly?

Are all chemical labels in good condition and legible?

Are the areas free of any expired chemicals?

Can a staff member speak about education on any new cleaning products?

Can a staff member explain their role in safety?

Can a staff member articulate their role when a disaster plan is paged overhead?

Can staff demonstrate where to locate disaster plans and policies on Insite?

Can a staff member explain the evacuation plan in their area?

Can a staff member explain the SW for cleaning a patient room and restroom along with the proper chemicals for each step?

Are goggles being used properly?

Are the cleaning carts locked and secured?

Are the chemical stored away from the paper products?

Are the cleaning carts clear of any door props?

Do staff demonstrate wash in/wash out?

Are the cleaning carts always in the line of vision of the cleaner when in use and outside of the room they are cleaning?

Are wet floors signs put away after floors are dried?

Eyewash stations are present and marked in areas where chemicals require a 15 minutes flush?

Are the eyewash station logs up to date?

Are the ceiling tiles in good shape?

Lights and Light fixtures are working and clean?

Do all wall postings meet applicable fire safety code?

Are the walls and floors in good repair?

Are objects in the hallways being used once every 30 minutes?

Are the hallways clear of clutter and obstructions?

Are the electrical panels unobstructed and locked?

Are the fire extinguishers, pull stations, and gas valves unobstructed?

Are the sprinkler heads clean?

Are work areas free of staff food, drinks, and personal items? This includes carts and closets and all work areas.

Are all janitor closets locked and secured?

Is the cleaning equipment in good condition?

Are all areas under sinks clear of storage items?

Are the splash zones around sinks clear of paper products up to 3 feet?

Are soiled and clean items stored properly?

Items are stored properly 18 inches below ceiling and 6 inches above floor?

High dusting in areas is being completed?

Are the storage rooms clear of dust under equipment?

Overall appearance of the department is clean and clutter free?

The ice machines are clean and free of lime and mold?

The Pyxis machines are clean and dust free on top and underneath?

Are the call cords between 4 and 12 inches from the floor?

Are the call cords access free?

Are the trash receptacles the correct size and type for fire safety?

Are the Purell dispensers working properly?

Are the trash compactors free of any keys in the ignitions?

Regulated Medical Waste / Hazardous Waste

Are all the manifests being kept for the past 3 years?

Have all the staff that have been packaging the waste, signing the manifests, and keeping the records, been trained in the past year?

Are the trainer's certifications on file? Within the past 3 years?

Is all the waste properly labeled?

Is there proper signage on the doors of every RMW and Hazardous Waste storage area?

Is there a weekly safety checklist in the Hazardous Waste storage room?

Do all of the containers have a start date and end date?

Are all staff communication boards are kept up to date with no materials over 30 days old?


Are the OR cleaning assignments being kept for 1 rolling year?

Are the IV room cleaning assignments being kept for 1 rolling year?

TB Rooms - All techs have annual respiratory mask fit testing documented by OH?

All staff have DOVRs completed for their job title?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.