Hazard Identification


Arrival on site, Induction and Set up

  • People

  • Safety Control: Cone off truck and initial work area and display Hazard Board.

Building wash / Gutter clear / Roof treatment


  • Noise - damage to hearing?

  • Safety Control: Use of noise eliminating ear muffs.

  • Spray back into eyes

  • Safety Control: Use of eye protection glasses.

  • Chemical Burns

  • Safety Control: Wearing of gloves while handling, and handling as per MSDS sheets. (Competent Operator).


  • Electrical points

  • Safety Control: Look for all electrical points of contact, if unsure if weatherproof then avoid altogether.

  • Working at height

  • Safety Control: Harnesses to be used where possible and working with spotter. Portable scaffolding and access machinery to be used for any areas that are unsafe. All operators trained in Height & Harness work.

  • People

  • Safety Control: Cone off truck and final work area and display Hazard Board.


  • Burns

  • Safety Control:
    - Always wear your PPE gear when handling chemicals and use as per MSDS specifications.
    - Chemicals diluted further to mitigate chemical burns.
    - Current work area coned off and hazard board displayed

Job completion, pack up and depart

  • People

  • Safety Control: Cone off truck and final work area and display Hazard Board.

Take 5

  • Before the job starts Take 5 to check for any additional Hazards

  • Have you conducted a formal Take 5 of the job prior to work commencing

  • Are there any additional hazards?

  • What are the Safety Controls for these hazards?

  • If any hazards were found, Have you informed the Site Manager?

  • On Site Contact

  • Contractor to sign:

Tools, Equipment & Training

Tools, Equipment & Training required for this work

  • Is the work OSH notifiable?

  • IF YES: Has MoBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Entreprise) been notified and permits completed?

  • Is any Plant Machinery required?

  • IF YES: Are qualifications / Licences current to operate?

  • In addition to the above, have all pre start checks been completed?

  • Is any Specialist Equipment required?

  • IF YES: Are qualifications / training current if required?

  • Are any Electrical tools required?

  • IF YES: Are they currently test tagged and in date?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment to be used on this job

  • PPE required for this job? If NO then Why?

  • PPE Safety Glasses

  • PPE Gloves

  • PPE Hearing Protection

  • PPE Footwear

  • High Vis Clothing

  • Harness

  • Cones / Barriers

  • CAUTION Signs

  • Ladders

  • Drain Socks

  • Drain Covers



  • Paint Condition

  • Flashings

  • Rust

  • Moss / Lichen

  • Secure ladder tie off points identified?

  • Roof hatch hinged?

  • Are they safe in high winds?

  • Anchor lines on roof?

  • Additional anchor lines required?

  • Anchor lines tagged?

  • Slipper walk ways?

  • Any clear lite sheets / asbestos?

  • Vent guards used

  • Identify Hazards on Roof


  • Debris

  • Ponding water

  • Rust


  • Paint condition

  • Rust

  • IF YES: Where?

  • Graffiti

  • Slippery walk ways

  • Spider / Bird Issues

  • Damaged areas including cracks & dents

  • Possible weather tight issues?

  • Loading dock way

  • Canopies - Condition

  • Entrance Paving - Condition

  • Has waste water entered a drain?

  • Was access equipment used?

  • IF YES: Who was the supplier?

  • Hours on site

  • Injury / Incidents on site?

  • Photos (Before)

  • Photos (After)

  • Comments

  • Does the client have any issues?

  • Site Contact

  • JTPW Contractor

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