• Take picture of front lobby

  • Glass Smudge Free

  • Floors/Corners vacuumed/ mopped

  • Seating Area wiped down/ orderly

  • Lost and Found organized

  • Marketing cases up to date

  • Plant Dusted

  • Cubbies Dusted (inside/on top)

  • Ledges Cleaned

Front Desk

  • Take picture of desk area

  • Free of Clutter

  • Computer, keyboards, mice and phone cleaned

  • Walkies ready for the day

  • Vacuumed

  • Ledges Cleaned

  • Paperwork Filed

  • Drawers neat and organized

Infant Playspace

  • Take picture of infant playspace

  • Cubbies Dusted inside and top

  • Window Ledges Clean

  • Floors/Corners vacuumed

  • Doors/Windows clean and smudge free

  • Toys Clean and organized / displayed

  • White Board clean (no marker residue)

Toddler Playspace

  • Take picture of toddler playspace

  • Cubbies Dusted

  • Vacuumed (under all structures?)

  • TV screen Clean

  • Music Playing

  • Door/ Windows smudge free and clean

  • All ledges, walls and mirror board cleaned

Playspace Hallway

  • Take picture of playspace hallway

  • Vacuumed along edges

  • Drinking fountain cleaned

  • Ledges wiped down

  • Vents Cleaned

Media Playspace

  • Take picture of media playspace

  • Cubbies dusted inside and on top

  • Vacuumed

  • Ipads clean and working

  • Tables/ stools cleaned and organized

  • All ledges cleaned

  • Toys/ Puzzles organized and like new

Maze Playspace

  • Take picture of maze playspace

  • Cubbies dusted inside and on top

  • Window ledges cleaned

  • Floors/ corners vacuumed

  • Doors clean and smudge free

  • Art Cabinet clean and organized

  • Behind Maze clean and organized

  • Maze Dusted

  • Mats cleaned

Playspace Bathrooms

  • Take picture of bathrooms

  • Garbage and Diaper genies cleaned and wiped down

  • All surfaces wiped down

  • Toilets cleaned inside and out and all around base

  • Doors wipes down

  • Floors mopped

  • Supplies fully stocked

  • Mirror clean and spot free

  • Bathroom checklist being utilized

Movement Studio

  • Take picture of movement studio

  • Door clean and smudge free

  • Mirrors/ windows ledges cleaned

  • Floors/ corners swept and mopped

  • Counter clean and free or clutter

  • Garbage emptied

  • Cabinets clean and organized

Art Area

  • Take picture of art area

  • Windows clean and smudge free

  • Floors/ corners swept and mopped

  • Table/ stools clean and organized

  • Counter clean and free or clutter

  • Cubbies clean and organized

  • Supplies neat and like new. Supply order turned into manager

  • Garbage emptied

Tumbling Studio

  • Take picture of tumbling studio

  • Doors and Windows clean and smudge free

  • Floors/ corners vacuumed

  • Cabinet/drawers clean and organized

  • Supplies neat and like new

  • Garbage emptied

  • Radio charging

Fit Studio

  • Take picture of Fit studio

  • Doors, Windows clean and smudge free

  • Floors/ corners swept and mopped

  • Table/ Chairs clean and organized

  • Cabinets and drawers clean and organized

  • Supplies neat and like new

Manager Office

  • Take picture of managers office

  • Door/ windows clean and smudge free

  • Bulletin Board up to date info

  • Assistant desk clean and organized

  • Manager desk clean and organized

  • Credenza clean and clutter free

  • Cabinets Organized

  • Garbage Emptied

  • Floor Vacuumed

  • Radios charging

Playspace Storage Closet

  • Take picture of Playspace storage closet

  • Swept/ free of clutter/ no trash

  • Supplies/ Toys neatly organized

  • Team Member items stored neatly

Team Member Audit

  • Assistant/Supervisor on Radio

  • Zone rotation visible/ team in zones

  • Occupancy counts being done

  • Assistant/ Supervisor is roamer

  • All Team Members in uniform with Name Tag

  • Engagement - Toddler, Maze, Media

  • Play Break audible/organized

  • Instructors set up prior to play break

  • Instructors present during play break

  • Wristbands/ rosters collected by Roamer

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