General Cleaning

When the temperature was set to 350 degrees the actual temperature reading was....

Waste Materials Removed from Kitchen?

Were all fryers filtered prior to Kitchen Coach's arrival?

Floor cleaned of spilled oil?

Surrounding Area Wiped Down of all spilled/splattered oil?

Was oil topped off to appropriate level by KC technician?

Fryer #1
Type of filtering done
How much oil was used to fill fryer? (gallons)
Oil was last changed......
Before Filtering/Boil out
After Filtering/Boil out
Important Reminders

-Filter EVERY night to remove all organic matter that contributes to breakdown of oil
-Cover the fryer when not in use to prevent oxidation
-Make sure oil temperature is never above 350 degrees
-Color of oil is NOT an indication of quality. Chefs MUST taste see and smell quality of food to determine the expiration of oil.

Pictures of issue potential


Signature of Technician
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