8 Maintenance

8.1.1 maintenance requests (review RM tasks at random)
Prompt and efficient response to maintenance requests as per agreed SLA.

8.1.2 Water supply and drainage
Comprehensive maintenance of water supply and drainage is in top operating condition

8.1.3 Air conditioning
Comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning supply and associate equipment is in top operating condition

8.1.4 Electrical
Electrical supply equipment and distribution services is in top operating condition

8.1.5 PPM
All mechanical equipments and services is in top operating condition
Planned preventive maintenance in place and documented and followed.

8.1.6 inspections
Regular inspections carried out, documented, reported and snag rectification carried out

8.2 MEP and Life safety systems

8.2.1 Repair and replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment, water heaters, extraction fans - physical inspection carried out - checklist maintained

Water pumps
Repair of water pumps wherever possible

Water pipes and tanks
Repair leaks to water pipes and tanks

Sanitary fittings
Repair and replacement of sanitary-ware fittings

Attention to drainage problems

3. Preventive maintenance

Electrical and lighting circuits
Safety trip checks of lighting and electrical circuits

Distribution boards
Check inspection of distribution boards

Water heaters
Check inspection of water heaters

Pumps and controls
Check n inspection of all pumps n controls

Air conditioning

Quarterly service
QS of indoor and outdoor equipment as per ppm

Cleaning and replacement as per ppm

Electrical components
Cleaning and checking as per ppm

Pressure washing of coils as per ppm

Top up of refrigerant and oil as per ppm

Belts replaced where required

Drain lines
Lubrication and cleaning of drain lines as per ppm

Drip trays
Drains checked and inspected

Touch ups
Minor painting and insulation touch ups

8.3 Carpentry and aluminum

8.3.1 doors - Repair fly screen, windows, doors

8.3.2 doors
Repair door latches, locks n hinges

Cupboards and drawers
Repair cupboards and drawers

8.4 Masonry

8.4.1 tiling - minor grouting and fixing of isolated tiles

8.5 Painting

8.5.1 touch ups
Touch up painting only following maintenance work

8.6 Other

Staff attendance

Training records

Asset list

Material storage

Incident reports logged



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