How many scanners do you have?

Is all scanners transmitting data?

Is the scanners in good condition?

Is all the charge stations plugged in and in working condition?

Does your porter have a scanner?

Are the drivers using the UN3733 CONTAINERS?

Are the specimen racks been used?

Are the white baskets been used?


Is the workflow in a straight line?

Has the demarcations been done in the lab?

Were changes recommended on the layout off the lab to increase efficiencies in the the process flow?


Can the lab manager print TAT reports?

Can the lab manager or his designated person print 2D barcodes?

Delivery Vehicles

Is the vehicles branded with NHLS logo?

What is the condition of the vehicle tyres?

Are the drivers HAZMAT certified?

Are all the vehicles fitted with canopies?

Are the vehicles HAZMAT compliant?

Are the drivers wearing uniform?

Are the vehicles fitted with fire extinguishers?

Are the vehicles fitted with spill kits?

Are the drivers wearing name tags?

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