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  • Site/ Department: conducted

  • Date:

  • Done by:

  • undefined

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  • Ladder no

  • Type


  • 1. Everything in order

  • 2. Rungs or steps loose and damaged

  • 3. Ladder dirty

  • 4. Loose nails ,screws and bolts

  • 5. Ladders stored unsafely

  • 6. Stiles, rails, uprights damaged or cracked

  • 7. Wheels damaged

  • 8. Spreader or spreader locks/ stops damaged

  • 9. Other

  • 10. Antislip rubber feet (shoes) worn or damaged?

  • 11. Rope pulley system damaged

  • 12. Rope damaged

  • 13. Rung lock damaged

  • 14. Ladder not standing firmly/ wobbly

  • 15. Ladder no. missing or damaged or not legible

  • * see drawings of ladders on back page

  • Add drawing

  • Add drawing


  • Action required:

  • By Whom:

  • Target Date:

  • Inspectors Signature

  • Supervisor/ Team leader/ HOD

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