Ladder and Employee Details

Type of ladder/stepladder:

Location of ladder/stepladder:

Ladder asset/ref number:


Are the anti-slip feet on metal and fibreglass ladders/ stepladders in place, undamaged and not unduly worn?

Are the feet free of such items as stones, grease, dirt or other debris, thus preventing them from not making direct contact with the ground?

Are the rungs, stiles or platform free from mud, grease, oil or wet paint?

Are the rungs, stiles, steps or platform free from cracks, splits, bends or warps?

Are the rungs or steps all in place, unbroken and not weakened?

Are the tie rods in place and undamaged?

Are the welds free of cracks / undamaged and all screws or rivets firmly in place?

Is the equipment free of corrosion, sharp edges and dents?

When set up on a flat surface, is the stepladder stable?

Are surfaces untainted?

Any other issues, please specify?

Taking into account the findings above, is the ladder / stepladder safe to use?

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