Project Site Safety Audit


Safety Checklist
1. Employment, OSHA, Hazmat poster onsite
2. SDS/Right-to-Know Information available
3. Proper jobsite signs- Exit, Danger, PPE, etc.
4. Subcontractor Form A signed and filed on-site
5. Properly stocked first aid supplies
6. General housekeeping site/temporary storage
7. Fire extinguishers inspected and available
8. Adequate lighting provided
9. Floor/roof opening guardrails, holes covered/marked
10. Proper pants, shirts, boots
11. Scaffolds properly erected/guardrails/walkboards
12. Gas cylinders uprights, properly secured, capped
13. Temporary power, GFCI tested
14. Proper gauge extension cords with grounds
15. Power tools have proper guards
16. Eye protection in use - cutting, sawing, grinding
17. Protruding rebar capped
18. Head protection being worn where required
19. Ladders tied off, step ladders appropriate length
20. Backup alarms on moving equipment
21. Clear walkways, ramps, stairs, landings
22. Excavations/trenches properly shored/sloped
23. Projecting nails bent or removed
24. Power actuated tools in use by qualified personnel
25. Proper fall protection in use where required
26. Temporary lighting properly installed/guarded
27. Fuels stored in approved containers
28. Welding and cutting - fire, PPE, flashback, hoses
29. Cranes - Inspection, Operator certifications
30. Respirators in use where required