Title Page

  • Date & time

  • Name

  • Store / Department

Operational Standards

  • 1. Service (first to smile, first to greet, first to acknowledge, dressed for service, name badge visible)

  • 2. Quality (bruised, bashed, brown, bake & shape)

  • 3. Fullness (full shelves, full range, full promotions)

  • 4. Cleanliness (floor, fixtures & fittings, facilities)

  • 5. Price (sharp, right, point of sale is strong)

  • Total (out of 20)

  • Key highlights:

  • Key opportunities:


  • Are our people safe? Consider the critical risks (forklifts & freezers, armed offenders, transport, heights, electrical & gas, racking) as well as the most common risks (lifting & carrying, slips, trips & falls, lone working).

  • Details of any hazards identified:

  • If new hazards were identified, have these been entered into the hazard management system (SHED)?

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