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  • Manufacturing Process

  • Work Centre

  • Part Number

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  • Auditor-Enter First Name/Last Name of person completing the audit

  • Audit Participant(s)

  • Type of Audit (Manager or Supervisor)

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  • Has the operator been trained to requirements of the job and is the versatility training matrix updated?

  • Does it include temp & contract personnel?

  • Are all personnel using all the posted Personal Protective Equipment?

Standardization / Built in Quality

  • Has there been a recent customer incident?

  • Is the quality alert posted?

  • Are people trained on the alert & has it been signed off?

  • Is the work being performed to the instructions on the alert?

  • Are the employees aware that this is a customer concern & can explain what it is?

  • Are all quality checks being performed to the inspection sheet requirements as defined by the first off & process checks?

  • Are all the inspection points within the requirements?

  • Is there a verification station at the work station where there are any of the following happening: final inspection / GP12 / quality gate, (can be temporary or permanent) or where processes have been bypassed.

  • Is there evidence of standardized work instructions (combination table, standardized work chart, and job element sheets) available at the verification station(s) for the work being done?

  • Are they being followed & is training matrix is posted & up to date?

  • Do the trend charts on the I-Charts show an improvement on the top 3 items?

  • Are the alarm limits for visual defects posted & mentioned in the standardized work instructions?

  • Are the operators aware of what the alarm limits are?

  • Is there evidence that verification station(s) are used following significant physical damage to equipment when recovery took longer than 24 hours and the quality of the final product was compromised?

  • Are the work instructions (JES) for the parts being produced at the station?

  • Are they being followed? Observe 3 cycles

  • Are the operators aware of the location of the work instructions?

  • Has the first off process been completed & is the first off tag been completed & posted as per the first-off procedure?

  • Has the safety check sheet been verified?

  • Can the operator show you how they do the checks?

  • For error proofing/error detection device verification, are master/boundary samples (red rabbit) available for each customer attachment point?

  • Are results recorded? Check data back 1 month

  • Do the numbers on the boundary samples match what is on the boundary sample sheet

  • Are process settings and/or parameters being monitored? Choose N/A if there is no equipment/parameters to monitor at the line

  • Are the parameters settings in specification?

  • Is there any screwdriving equipment at the line

  • Are we monitoring the torque?

  • Is the calibration sticker up to date?

  • Is the screw torque with in spec-parameters are on first off?

  • Are key severity items being controlled? - High Severity items

  • Are customer interface characteristics documented on a special product matrix & displayed?

  • Are scrap racks/bins/lock boxes present & parts clearly marked & defective parts marked on the scrap sheets?

  • Are the parts clearly marked?

  • Are the defective parts recorded on scrap sheets or electronically?

  • Per Inspection sheet / Control Plan, is gauge available & does have proper calibration stickers? Select N/A if there is no gauge at the line

  • Enter fixture/gauge # here

  • Is there lot traceability on the parts?

  • Does the lot match what is on the lot traceability sheet. (Check 3 components)

  • Are we following FIFO at the line? - Review dates on the boxes available at the line - check oldest

  • Do the labels at the cell / line match the parts being produced?

  • Does the packaging match the packaging instructions?

  • When was the last time the packaging was checked?

  • Are the operators adding their employee # on the label or part?

  • Is the communication log ("Black Book") available and completed as required?

  • Are there entries by maintenance or quality. Verify the last weeks entries in the book to support any quality alerts or maintenance activities.

Customer Incidents Follow - Up

  • If this work centre had a recent customer incident, is the corrective action in place and does it work?

  • Are verification stations are being used until validation is complete?

  • Is the 8D posted at the line?


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Customer Incidents Follow - Up

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