Are employees aware of any recent quality issues or customer complaints?

Is in-process & outgoing material properly identified?

Is traceability in place where required?

Is FIFO used?

Is nonconforming or suspect product identified and placed in a designated area?

Are proper containers used in production, including outgoing material?

Is workplace clean and orderly?


Are Visual Aids (required by the Control Plan) available?

Are Change Over instructions followed?

Operator Certification/Standardized Work

Are Operators following standardized work?

Are Operators certified on the job?

Control Plan

Are control plan checks made at the proper frequency, with the correct sample size and on the correct form?

Are product/process checks within specification? If not, are reaction plans being followed?

Are significant process events recorded?

First Time Quality

Are alarm limits being used?

Is a reaction plan available and being followed?

Measurement Systems

Are Error Proofing devices, gages and fixtures verified?

Are all gages (required by the Control Plan) available at the workstation? Are the gages numbered, calibrated and match the Control Plan?


Is containment information documented when the product is non-conforming?

Is rework/teardown completed per instructions with proper identification?

P.M. Activities

Are Preventive Maintenance activities complete to schedule?



Auditor Name and Signature